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The fall Conflikt progress report is out! You can read it at :)

More info on Conflikt at
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KOMO is suggesting tomorrow's storm will be like the storm on Dec 14, 2006. I remember that - nearly got marooned in my office, power out for days, etc.

Stay safe, folks.
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Norwescon happens every Easter weekend at the SeaTac Doubletree; this year it's in April.

Only programming is being figured out now. If you are interested in having a concert, being on a panel, or doing workshops, please send in your info at:

You can also submit panel, workshop, and other ideas there too!

Note that the people who organizing programming change, so even if you've been a panelist before, reaching out is a good idea.

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Republicans claim to be for small government conservatism. So they're for letting municipalities set their own laws, right? Writing on North Carolina's recent anti-LGBT bill:

[The legislative blitz] wasn’t only a bathroom bill, though. That was the pretext — state legislation to override Charlotte’s city law protecting LGBT civil rights. But the effect — explicitly written into this new law — reaches far beyond just this immediate anti-LGBT pretext. The law claims for the state the right to overrule and override any local or municipal regulation — specifically mentioning local minimum-wage laws and child-labor laws.

So this isn’t just about prohibiting Charlotte from protecting the civil rights of LGBT residents. It’s also about preventing Charlotte from raising the minimum wage. Or preventing Charlotte — or any other municipality — from, say, requiring better water-safety standards than whatever state lawmakers might decide. It’s a centralized, top-down, Raleigh-knows-best power-grab by the capital. Because, again, small government conservatism.

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The elder Prius is getting less and less comfortable compared to John's C-Max Energi. So I got one. I'm calling it CeCe (for C-Max).

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Your romantic inclinations are not a flaw to be corrected, they're a trait to be accepted. I know you, Watson. I know you'll never be happy within the confines of a quote-unquote traditional relationship, and I said what I said because it pains me to see you try to fit into one simply because it is the default mode of polite society.

Well, there's no reason to feel pain, because I'm happy with Andrew.

But would you be happier without him? Alternatively, with him as an occasional sex partner and confidant, or, with him when he's within the States and free to pursue other interests when he's not? There are any number of any possible arrangements, all you need to do is find one that is true to your nature.
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Conflikt will once again return to a January near Seattle!!! Specifically January 30 - February 1st, 2015, at the Hilton SeaTac International Airport!!!!! Wheee!!!!

As it is actually December now, we would love to get submissions for the Conflikt Songbook and Conflikt Lunch CD!!!! Yes, these magic items are no longer not conjured from the volcanic depths of Mt Rainier!!!! They are created through the generosity of filkers like yourself!!!!! How can you participate in this extravaganza?

  • Email your song lyrics or lyrics & music to Songbook at Conflikt dot org!!!
  • Email your recording to Sound at Conflikt dot org!!!
  • Pre-register at!!!
  • Get your hotel room!!!
  • Check out the Progress report (PDF)!!!!
  • Think about items for the Interfilk Auction!!!!
  • Tell your friends!!!
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So, a member of the Washington state legislature resigned after it was pointed out that he 1) no longer has a permanent address in Washington and 2) registered to vote in Ohio last year. Per the Everett Herald,
Hope, who last lived in Mill Creek, became a registered voter in Lake County, Ohio, in August 2013 through the state's motor-voter law. He doesn't recall doing it and has never voted there.
“I had no idea that I was ever registered somewhere else,” he said. “I had no clue that's what I did.”
Hope is an Ohio native and his mother lives in the state. He said Thursday morning that he intended to settle there when he completes training for a career in financial services.
If Hope had not resigned, he could have been forced out by state and county election officials who were considering the process for canceling his registration.
State law requires an elected official remain a registered voter in the district or jurisdiction that they serve. If they are not a registered voter, they are immediately removed from office.
Hope is still legally registered to vote in the 44th Legislative District that he's served since 2008. However, he's been on inactive status since last year.
In the meantime, Hope could be pressed to reimburse the state for the money he's earned as a state lawmaker since he registered in Ohio.
Deputy Chief Clerk Bernard Dean said Thursday that House lawyers and the state Attorney General's Office have been asked to determine whether Hope became an unqualified lawmaker when he registered in Ohio and, if so, what actions can be taken in response.

I find it difficult to believe he didn't know that he'd moved out of state when he got a driver's license in Ohio. But what's also odd, to me, is the photo that the local ABC affiliate KOMO ran of the Rep Hope:

That photo isn't on his legislature page or his official flickr. So...why?

Update: Turns out Mike Hope is also an aspiring actor!
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I mostly post on LJ.

Ah, google

Jun. 11th, 2014 11:47 pm
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I have an Android phone. One of its features is to show info based on searches on the "desktop".

It can be helpful to have Google's estimate of how long it will take to drive home or to work, yes. On the other hand, sometimes it latches onto the weirdest things. Any sport team I search for will start appearing. Venues will show up. Etc.

The result? Tonight Skydancer went to a Mariners game. I was to pick him up. I hesitated to Google whether the game was over because I didn't want to it to persist.

I think I'm tired. Night.
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The code is checked into the server tonight
Not a tester to be seen.
The program is ready to release
And it looks like the build is clean
The PO’s howling that we must deliver on time
Didn’t test at all, but it’s not a crime.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the Dev team you always have to be
Quality, no please, testing is slow
Well now we know.

Let it go, let it go, testing is a chore )


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Steve Ballmer spent 2 billion dollars for the LA Clippers. Which kinda puts the Chris Hansen / Steve Ballmer partnership that asked for $200 million in public money to pay for a new Seattle NBA stadium and buy a team in, shall we say, perspective.

For the amount Ballmer just paid for the Clippers, he could have built a new Sodo basketball arena all by himself, plus built the Safeco Field baseball stadium, plus built the CenturyLink football stadium and still had more than $600 million left over for buying a team.
Ballmer, at least, didn't need public money. He (or his partners) wanted public money so they could face less risk themselves. This is a reasonable choice, but doesn't mean they're entitled to it.
The city of Seattle, which is slated to put a hundred-plus million in bonds into the arena, has not given final approval to that plan. What they passed two years ago was an agreement to do the studies while [the group, including Ballmer] pursued a team. But many council members have told me that their “yes” votes back then do not mean they’re necessarily going to be “yes” votes for a final go-ahead.
I don't have a problem with sports per se, but I do think the city has more important things to put its tax dollars into - like education, transportation & infrastructure.
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Oh spacious lanes, Oh clear sightlines
We miss you now you're gone
Oh empty shoulders, trees beside
And 3rd lane is all gone!
Construction zone
Construction zone
One day you'll all be done
And we will drive the same path twice
And relax (but not for long)

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Usually when the number of performers is changing up to the day before? It's a bad sign.

Usually when I ask how many vocal mics we'll need and don't get an answer, because it's not a simple question, and there's lots of debate over who is and isn't singing and who will want to speak from the stage and who can share mics? It's a bad sign.

Usually when line checks continue to door opening? It's a bad sign.

Oh, and in "never happened before and hope it never happens again", when we go to pick up [ profile] skydancer's sound equipment from his storage unit and the storage facility is without power? Should I mention his unit is on the 3rd floor? And no power means no elevator? I'm not sure how to interpret that except as a bad sign.

Photo by Sherry Kirk

And yet it was all perfect.

Congratulations to Betsy on a successful album launch!
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Happy 2nd day of Christmas, traditionally celebrated with 2 turtle doves. Or turtle Doves.

Today is also Boxing Day & St Stephen's day.

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Waiting on hold for the IRS about Dad's taxes.

Had a relaxing labor day weekend in Vancouver BC. Or I should probably say labour day. Also we came back Sunday. Anyway.

Debating buying Toby Daye ebooks for convenient rereading but want to see what the Amazon thing will do to pricing.
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Allergies: possibly calming down? Just Allegra yesterday.

Music to make a coworker double-take: Cello Wars by The Piano Guys.

Done today: Voted for Spokane in 2015 Worldcon site selection. Requires being a member of WorldCom 2013 and $40 for your 2015 supporting membership. Mail-in ballots need to arrive by Aug 18, so I'm not quite late but close.


Feb. 15th, 2013 11:53 am
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I am a panelist this year. Also, once again [ profile] solarbird the music supervillain will have her own tech crew for the music track helmed by [ profile] skydancer and [ profile] tanuki_green and occasionally me. So, fun!

But, of course, Norwescon is big! Where will I be? Subject to change, of course, but here's the basic list:

Invisible Disabilities Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 8
Read more... )

5:30pm: Move sound gear from my room in the tower to Evergreen rooms. If you want to help, let me know ahead of time and I will text you the room number when I know it.

Thursday night concerts!
But I won't be there the whole time due to my 9pm panel! [ profile] tanuki_green will be there!
Read more... )

Size Acceptance Is For Everybody Thursday 9:00pm-10:00pm Cascade 8
Read more... )

Polyamory 101 Friday Noon-1:00pm Evergreen 1&2
Read more... )

Music tech crew Concerts Friday 2pm-midnight
I am blocking off 2pm-midnight due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 3pm in Grand 3 and move to Evergreen rooms for the evening.
Read more... )

The Continuing Impact of Robert Heinlein Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm Cascade 8
Read more... )

Music tech crew Concerts Saturday 5pm-1am
I am blocking off 5pm-1am due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 7pm.
Read more... )

Intro to Health At Every Size Sunday 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 2
Read more... )

Women's Work Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm Cascade 3&4
Read more... )

...and sometime Sunday sound gear will get moved from the Evergreen level to [ profile] skydancer's van. Again, let me know if you want to help. Have I mentioned I'm taking Monday off work? I'm taking Monday off work. :D
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Wonderful, good music, good fun. Yay for days off. *snore*


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