Feb. 15th, 2013 11:53 am
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I am a panelist this year. Also, once again [ profile] solarbird the music supervillain will have her own tech crew for the music track helmed by [ profile] skydancer and [ profile] tanuki_green and occasionally me. So, fun!

But, of course, Norwescon is big! Where will I be? Subject to change, of course, but here's the basic list:

Invisible Disabilities Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 8
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5:30pm: Move sound gear from my room in the tower to Evergreen rooms. If you want to help, let me know ahead of time and I will text you the room number when I know it.

Thursday night concerts!
But I won't be there the whole time due to my 9pm panel! [ profile] tanuki_green will be there!
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Size Acceptance Is For Everybody Thursday 9:00pm-10:00pm Cascade 8
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Polyamory 101 Friday Noon-1:00pm Evergreen 1&2
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Music tech crew Concerts Friday 2pm-midnight
I am blocking off 2pm-midnight due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 3pm in Grand 3 and move to Evergreen rooms for the evening.
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The Continuing Impact of Robert Heinlein Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm Cascade 8
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Music tech crew Concerts Saturday 5pm-1am
I am blocking off 5pm-1am due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 7pm.
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Intro to Health At Every Size Sunday 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 2
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Women's Work Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm Cascade 3&4
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...and sometime Sunday sound gear will get moved from the Evergreen level to [ profile] skydancer's van. Again, let me know if you want to help. Have I mentioned I'm taking Monday off work? I'm taking Monday off work. :D
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Really cleaned the bedroom this weekend for the first time in months. OMG I feel happier. Partly it was nesting, but I'm sure that getting all that dust out of the room I spend the most time in helped too.


Apr. 16th, 2010 07:21 pm
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It is definitely spring; trees and flowers are growing, and there's a palpable something in the air. Fortunately my current regimen of asthma medications is working hard, and when I need something extra, I can take as-needed extras.

Today, for example, my eyes were itching like MAD so I popped a Benadryl. Because Benadryl is also Nytol, and I was at work and thus trying to stay awake, I followed the Benadryl with some chocolate-covered espresso beans.

And I immediately needed to We cut because we care, and also, not everyone is interested in what's going on with various bodily functions. )


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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1) I have been busy, mostly with work but also with life. It happens.

2) Despite busyness, this past weekend I saw Tricky Pixie twice. Also Vixy & Tony and Clint McCune's band.

3) Yes, this was a Very Good Thing. Loved all of it. Except maybe where Clint teased me with a portion of a Bruce song during sound check and then didn't sing it during the concert.

4) You can see last night's show at, along with the Kitten Sundae ([ profile] s00j , [ profile] stealthcello , [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris ) show on 3/21, and the Bone Poets show on 2/12.

5) I am not feeling guilty for not doing work stuff on Saturday.

6) I enjoyed helping [ profile] dianthus drink the bottle of viognier she got on Saturday.

7) I liked the Mandolin Cafe, even if it got a bit recursive to have Alec playing a mandolin in the mandolin cafe.

8) I enjoyed the look on Alec's face when I surprised him with a bow on Sunday.

9) I did not enjoy getting an asthma attack yesterday while helping [ profile] skydancer setup sound gear. Haven't had to use my albuterol in months, damn it. (Wah!)

10) ...I would say that means it's really spring, except that it could also have been from going from wet outdoors to warmer-drier indoors and back and in and back and in and back and in.

11) Not sure my white rosebush is still alive, but the red one is covered in new growth. This is the exact opposite of last year.

12) Two days. Two days and I will be prepping for Norwescon instead of at work. I am pleased.

13) Sunday's "Zits" reminds me of my Friday evening. (My reaction was rather like Connie, not her son's.) Image and transcript gets kinda long, so )
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Personality-wise, I've generally felt more affinity for cats than dogs.

Allergy-wise, dogs usually make me itch much more than cats. When I lived with a cat I would wash her about once a month. Thanks to a coworker I discovered that I'm less allergic to poodles - though I wouldn't be surprised if the owners were also washing the poodles more frequently than other dogs I've known ;)
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If you are looking for it, I would suggest Rxtra Care U & I Pharmacy in Bellevue. They have both the mist and the shot, and are taking walk-ins from 11am to 5pm weekdays. I think I waited all of 5 minutes while the older couple ahead of me got their vaccinations after filling out my paperwork. Being on asthma meds I got the shot, which was $20.

Thanks [ profile] skydancer for suggesting them. :)
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Still here. Have been shifting my sleep/wake schedule a bit earlier, partly for work reasons and partly to be in the same time zone with [ profile] jw1776 and [ profile] skydancer.

What's your body clock? quiz - I scored a 14, right on the cusp of moderate & definite night owl. I think the main reason I scored that high was that I've been working to get to bed early enough that I can wake up without the alarm most mornings.

A ban on some prerecorded automated calls sounds nice, but the ones that are exempt from the ban are the ones we tend to get. And no, I don't mean we get lots of reverse 911 notifications or calls from the airline saying our flight is delayed (I tend to sign up for text notifications about flight changes). These days the automated calls we get are political, and of course the politicians can't be bothered to ban those.

Sci-fi and fantasy origami. o_O

[ profile] stealthcello & [ profile] s00j walked into Soulfood and Clint asked them to play tonight. They called [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris and thus from 8pm-10pm they will be Kitten Sundae at Soulfood in Redmond. I'll be there if the incense doesn't drive me off.
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New inhalers can cause confusion. I just started using inhalers last summer, so I'm not sure I ever had a CFC inhaler. But my last two definitely have an HFA propellant, and I noticed they had a softer spray. I also hadn't realized that inhalers need cleaning -

HFA inhalers need to be washed with warm water and air dried once a week. The medication is stickier and will clog the hole, reducing the amount of medication the spray delivers.
This morning I washed my old inhaler that I thought was near-dead and just keeping "in case". Um, no, it's fine. Cool.

Skip the paper bag if you think you're hyperventilating and focus on slow, calm breaths. The paper bag won't hurt you if you really are hyperventilating - but if it's asthma or a heart attack, reducing oxygen is the last thing you need.

Building muscles has a utilitarian purpose??? They're not just decorative??? Who knew??? Yeah, I'm heavy on the sarcasm there. Truth is, size is not the point - strength is. It's from a special section on the human body.


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