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Allergies: possibly calming down? Just Allegra yesterday.

Music to make a coworker double-take: Cello Wars by The Piano Guys.

Done today: Voted for Spokane in 2015 Worldcon site selection. Requires being a member of WorldCom 2013 and $40 for your 2015 supporting membership. Mail-in ballots need to arrive by Aug 18, so I'm not quite late but close.
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Really cleaned the bedroom this weekend for the first time in months. OMG I feel happier. Partly it was nesting, but I'm sure that getting all that dust out of the room I spend the most time in helped too.


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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1) I have been busy, mostly with work but also with life. It happens.

2) Despite busyness, this past weekend I saw Tricky Pixie twice. Also Vixy & Tony and Clint McCune's band.

3) Yes, this was a Very Good Thing. Loved all of it. Except maybe where Clint teased me with a portion of a Bruce song during sound check and then didn't sing it during the concert.

4) You can see last night's show at, along with the Kitten Sundae ([ profile] s00j , [ profile] stealthcello , [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris ) show on 3/21, and the Bone Poets show on 2/12.

5) I am not feeling guilty for not doing work stuff on Saturday.

6) I enjoyed helping [ profile] dianthus drink the bottle of viognier she got on Saturday.

7) I liked the Mandolin Cafe, even if it got a bit recursive to have Alec playing a mandolin in the mandolin cafe.

8) I enjoyed the look on Alec's face when I surprised him with a bow on Sunday.

9) I did not enjoy getting an asthma attack yesterday while helping [ profile] skydancer setup sound gear. Haven't had to use my albuterol in months, damn it. (Wah!)

10) ...I would say that means it's really spring, except that it could also have been from going from wet outdoors to warmer-drier indoors and back and in and back and in and back and in.

11) Not sure my white rosebush is still alive, but the red one is covered in new growth. This is the exact opposite of last year.

12) Two days. Two days and I will be prepping for Norwescon instead of at work. I am pleased.

13) Sunday's "Zits" reminds me of my Friday evening. (My reaction was rather like Connie, not her son's.) Image and transcript gets kinda long, so )
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Personality-wise, I've generally felt more affinity for cats than dogs.

Allergy-wise, dogs usually make me itch much more than cats. When I lived with a cat I would wash her about once a month. Thanks to a coworker I discovered that I'm less allergic to poodles - though I wouldn't be surprised if the owners were also washing the poodles more frequently than other dogs I've known ;)
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Just in time to get outside and be blinded by watery eyes get hives from sitting in the grass sneeze to death enjoy the outdoors, it's TV Turn-Off Week, thus giving me an excuse to quit doing my aerobics tape again. More info is from is here and WikiHow's How to Quit Watching TV is here.

Anybody doing anything for this?

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Here, and gee, it says tree pollen is "very high" at the moment. Headache, stuffy nose, irritated eyes, drowsiness... not contagious, but not fun either.
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Not sure if this is my first or second white Christmas. I spent all those years wanting it, and Pretty, but a pain.

A few links you might find interesting ...

The Von Trapps's ski lodge in Vermont is still around, though the staff hides some of the more kitschy "Sound of Music" stuff from the boss.

Junk Food Science tackles the prevalence of peanut allergies. One thing I thought interesting is that studies find that the number of parents who believe their kids have allergies is much greater than those who confirm it through double-blind testing (skin pricks confirmed with food challenges against a placebo). This study was on infants, and this one was on teenagers. Perhaps other food intolerances are being lumped in as allergies? Lactose intolerance due to lack of lactase, for example, affects 1 in 10 - much more than allergies.

Perception of pain can vary depending on your perception of how it occurred.
It hurts plenty when someone, say, bonks you on the head with a badminton racket. But it hurts even more, researchers have found, if you think the bonking was no accident.

Applying "evidence-based practices" in drug/alcohol rehab situations.


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