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Still here. Have been shifting my sleep/wake schedule a bit earlier, partly for work reasons and partly to be in the same time zone with [ profile] jw1776 and [ profile] skydancer.

What's your body clock? quiz - I scored a 14, right on the cusp of moderate & definite night owl. I think the main reason I scored that high was that I've been working to get to bed early enough that I can wake up without the alarm most mornings.

A ban on some prerecorded automated calls sounds nice, but the ones that are exempt from the ban are the ones we tend to get. And no, I don't mean we get lots of reverse 911 notifications or calls from the airline saying our flight is delayed (I tend to sign up for text notifications about flight changes). These days the automated calls we get are political, and of course the politicians can't be bothered to ban those.

Sci-fi and fantasy origami. o_O

[ profile] stealthcello & [ profile] s00j walked into Soulfood and Clint asked them to play tonight. They called [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris and thus from 8pm-10pm they will be Kitten Sundae at Soulfood in Redmond. I'll be there if the incense doesn't drive me off.
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Redmond has a traffic cams page now.

Also, the annual Redmond traffic insanity will be the weekend of July 11. In similar fun, there's more info on the 520 construction too.

In kinda-local news, my weather widget (from here) says sunrise was at 5:14am and sunset will be at 8:58pm. It's the time of year where people keep saying, "They're closed already? But it's only - Oh," where "Oh" means they've looked at a clock instead of assuming from the abundant daylight that it's before 7.

(Yes, it is Summer in Seattle...!)
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Up here in Redmond the sun is rising before six, and it's not setting until 8:30, which is nicer than the 4:30 in winter and hey! So far it hasn't screwed up my sleep patterns yet! And it does still get dark!

I liked this writeup of Klingon.

[Creator and linguist Marc Okrand] cribbed from natural languages, borrowing sounds and sentence-building rules, switching sources whenever Klingon started operating too much like any one language in particular. He ended up with something that sounds like an ungodly combination of Hindi, Arabic, Tlingit, and Yiddish and works like a mix of Japanese, Turkish, and Mohawk. The linguistic features of Klingon are not especially unusual (at least to a linguist) when considered independently, but put together, they make for one hell of an alien language.

...and this tackles the question of whether the modern 1st-world food supply is more or less safe than it used to be. One example is the recent peanut butter recall; modern tracking meant we could identify loads of foods that used the factory's output, but modern distribution meant there were thousands of products using peanut butter and paste from the one factory. Bagged lettuce means a bad head can be scattered among many bags and affect more people. Then there's Ms. Tardiff, a California nurse, who bought organic and less processed foods whenever possible, including raw milk which caused in an intestinal illness and nerve disease. She woman still can't stand or use her hands. Her illness was caused by campylobacter, which is killed by pasteurization.
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Don't Jump! The Northwest Winter Blues Survival Guide Happens every year: The Earth has tilted its north away from the sun. Oz's sunlight per day is growing, ours is decreasing.

Sunday morning we ended "summer time" and reset our clocks back. Once again Seattle's sunset is before 5pm. It'll stay that way until next year.

We also hit less than 10hrs between sunrise & sunset this week, but it's the "dark before 5" that's been bugging me the last few years. I don't remember noticing it when I was younger...1

Some people aren't affected by the swingin' circadian rythym. So what if it's dark when you go to work and dark when you head home? Others of us plan our days so we get actual daylight even in December, stock up on caffeine, bake, or generally hibernate and laugh at the book on the right.

The "less than 10 hours of dark" bugs me in June (and May and July) too, but between
  • My sleep mask ([ profile] dianthus' suggestion)
  • Dark drapes
  • Watching caffeine before dinner
  • Taking melatonin a couple hours before I intend to sleep
... I actually GOT enough sleep this year. Even in June. :)

Other than making sure I get outside during daylight for a walk and maybe installing more outdoor lights2, I'm not sure I've got a solution for The Big Dark. Maybe getting outside more on weekends? Hitting the library for funny mysteries? More sex?

1I think it did affect me, but that I wasn't consciously aware that it was tied to the changing sunlight patterns. School was always easier in spring or early fall than in winter - and once I was on a quarter system, I definitely got better grades in spring & summer than fall & winter. Before that - I remember going to bed at 8 and being asleep by 9 with no problem in winter, but come June I could not get to sleep until after it was dark.
2One of my frustrations with how soon it gets dark is that it's always dark when I get home - increased visibility might help me avoid stupid things like slipping in my own damn driveway.

oh yeah....

Jul. 1st, 2008 10:17 pm
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Last night I got 8 hours sleep for the first time since Thursday or Friday. W00t.

Things that helped:
  • Adjusting to leaving the windows open and the bedroom fans on. This makes the bedroom cooler, but means getting used to more noise and ...
  • Adjusting to the sleep mask. This is to keep the sunlight from the (open for airflow) windows from waking me at 5 or 6AM.
  • A lukewarm or cool shower or bath before bed lowers my body temp and helps me over the "too hot to sleep" factor.
  • Keeping in mind that yes, upstairs is a little bit warmer than downstairs, so go up a bit earlier and plan to just have some acclimation time.
It probably also helps that it is getting cooler too :)


Jun. 29th, 2008 07:00 am
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Thank God Seattle summers are short. cut for excessive whining )
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A joyous & merry Midsummer to those who celebrate ... happy longest day/night for the rest :)

If any locals are curious: Seattle is 29 seconds short of a 16-hour day today. My London coworkers have almost 40 minutes more daylight than us.

Oh, and check out :)
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Click for Redmond, Washington Forecast Yeah, the weather is making headlines, but personally I'm not finding the weather all that bad. I don't have to run the heat or the AC. Not having hot nights means I don't have trouble getting to sleep, and despite ~16 hours of daylight, we've had overcast skies and rain most mornings so the sun isn't waking me up.

Still, I do admit it's not often that Washington has snow in the mountain passes during June. (The glaciers on Washington's Cascade peaks stay frozen all summer, but dude, they're glaciers).

I am glad I didn't get hit by the power outages. :)


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