Aug. 1st, 2008 10:05 pm
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  • 18:05 Watching Coupling with Jesse ... Love how the girls think something is subtle & the guys think its blatant.
  • 18:44 Patrick: "You guys may have subconsciouses but there's nothing going on inside MY head."
  • 21:06 Midsommer Murders ... "You are as politically correct as a Nuremberg rally."

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[about Madame de Pompadour]
Rose: The Queen must have loved her.
Doctor: Oh, she did. They got on very well.
Mickey: What, the King's wife and the King's girlfriend?
Doctor: France. It's a different planet.

- From Doctor Who 2.4, "The Girl in the Fireplace", by Steven Moffat.

I liked Ben Stein's response to the subprime mortgage thing, but Free Money Finance puts it more bluntly:
The market is a herd of lemmings following one another up in good times and down in bad times. Lately, there's been so much negative press about the housing crisis that everyone's saying the bottom's falling out. And when everyone begins to act on this information, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But the basic, fundamental value of most of the S&P 500 stocks has changed very little in the past few months. Yeah, they may take a hit for awhile, but when the tide turns and the lemmings start to say things are all better again, they'll skyrocket.

Woz got a ticket for going 104mph in his Prius. "He does he not recommend those speeds -- his 55 miles per gallon dropped to between 31 and 37 miles per gallon at 104 miles per hour."
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Sally: "I could never be friends with a man I've had sex with. I'd have to kill him."
Jane: "Oh, that's what happened. I thought they all just stopped calling."


Susan: "He's a man. It's not just a hand, it's a whole relationship."


Sally: "Men can't be allowed solo access to their erections. They're not like us. They only have so many gos in a day."


Sally: "Permanently ready Patrick!"
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"How can you phrase 'yes' wrong?"
Steve: "No."
Steve: "I meant to say yes and I missed by one word!"

Jeff: "Women remember, Steve. It's like they've got minds of their own!"
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Susan: "He's a man. It's not just a right hand, it's a whole relationship."

Steve: "[Susan's parents] talk about sex like it's a completely normal thing!"
Jeff: "Are they insane?"
Patrick: "Parents have no business talking about sex!"

Sally: "Do I matter to you?"
Patrick: "Of course you are. You're like a friend to me, except you're a woman."
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Jane: "Friendship is more lasting than love and more legal than stalking."

Howard: "Jane, I'm gay."
Jane: "That's okay, so am I."

Sally: "Howard, do you *want* homosexuals to be labeled?"
Howard: "Yes, that would be great."


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