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[ profile] hollyqueen passed on this year's college freshman list.

The one that caught my eye? Windows 3.0 was released the year most of them were born.
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Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.
- Sidney J. Harris

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So [ profile] jw1776 IMd that there's a hostage situation at a local Hillary Clinton campaign office in NH. My first reaction:
aggressive proselytizing, or for real?
No, it's for real.

Is it a sign of advancing age that I want to shout at the hostage-taker: "Grow up! Get a job! Get off my lawn!"?


Nov. 11th, 2007 10:03 pm
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[ profile] bork's encounter with The Little Everett Satanist That Could.

See also: Two Satanists on the Bus.
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Her books were a large part of why I am still a Christian; her writings about faith and the church are a large part of why I became Episcopalian.

Good-bye and Godspeed, Madeleine.

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... according to PC Magazine. Of these, I worked on:

Windows Update. #6 on the list. My involvement is more periphery: the IE 5 setup program was used as the initial "guts" of Windows Update; I was IE 5 setup test manager. (Which made integrating IE 5 into a Windows Update deliverable a bit weird at times. But easier than integrating IE 5 setup into Office 2000 and Windows 2000 ... )

Explorer. #11 on the list; I'd put it lower, but that's me. My involvement: IE 4 shell test lead, which included the HTML-ized version.

Active Desktop. #14 on the list; I'd put it higher. My involvement: IE 4 shell test lead, which included Active Desktop. (And what is Vista's Gadgets, if not AD under a new name?)

DriveSpace. #20 on the list; I'd put it lower. My involvement: Helped test DoubleSpace/DriveSpace in MS-DOS 6, 6.2, 6.21, 6.22, Windows 95, and Windows 95 Plus!, where "help" means "I don't own the area, but I keep getting dragged into it anyway."
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Something tells me the jurors who convicted a technologically incompetent substitute teacher of showing porn to 7th graders haven't had to deal with adware. Julie Amaro now faces up to 40 years in prison; sentencing will be on March 2.

It's also rather stupid that the defense counsel didn't provide full disclosure of its forensics evidence, preventing it from being presented during the trial. Not to mention that the school's firewall software had expired. As had the antivirus program. And the computer had no anti-adware tools. Win98 and IE 5 don't need any of that - just ask Microsoft. (Pop-ups? What are those?)

So, of course, the only way for the adult-themed images and Web pages to come up would be for her to intentionally visit the sites by clicking on a link or typing the address into the browser address bar. 'Cause the prosecution's expert, a local police officer, said so.


Something tells me Julie Amaro isn't the only technical incompetent in the group. She's the just the only one who admits it.


And if you're wondering why I linked to Microsoft's info on security and spyware — the school is using Microsoft software. One would think the "experts" running the school computers and/or police forensics would be aware of the vendor's information on the subject.
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David Gilbert discussed applying hurricane forecasting methods to software. One thing that caught my eye, that he says he has "NEVER seen [in] any model of software planning", is "The Cone of Uncertainty".
Starting at the point where the storm is now, following roughly along the predicted path of the storm, is an ever expanding cone. This cone represents where, given all the information currently available, the storm MAY go if something in the model changes. [...T]his is the part of the model that forecasters talk about the most, and encourage everyone to pay the most attention to. This is the part of that model that takes into account Risk and Ambiguity.
Shipping software is ambiguous, and taking that into account is a good thing. But (to continue the metaphor), project management is all about getting to a particular destination at a particular time; tracking a hurricane is trying to see where & when it will arrive.

But perhaps there's room for both. Yes, aim for the goal. But also track the "cone", and forecast how far off track the project may currently get...


Jul. 19th, 2006 04:54 pm
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For the softies & ex-softies out there who've read Dan Brown: The Microsoft Code ;)

Dunno if anyone else would get it, but,


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