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Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:48 am
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Everything written about Columbine immediately after it happened was wrong. I either hadn't known or had forgotten that they had planted a large number of bombs timed to go off in sequence.
Columbine was intended not primarily as a shooting at all, but as a bombing on a massive scale. If they hadn't been so bad at wiring the timers, the propane bombs they set in the cafeteria would have wiped out 600 people. After those bombs went off, they planned to gun down fleeing survivors. An explosive third act would follow, when their cars, packed with still more bombs, would rip through still more crowds, presumably of survivors, rescue workers, and reporters.

How does Ben & Jerry's choose new flavors?

Thieves broke into a prison to steal from (absent) inmates

Onion: Rich guy feels left out of the recession
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Copied from via LoudTwitter cause it's easy :)
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Still here. Have been shifting my sleep/wake schedule a bit earlier, partly for work reasons and partly to be in the same time zone with [ profile] jw1776 and [ profile] skydancer.

What's your body clock? quiz - I scored a 14, right on the cusp of moderate & definite night owl. I think the main reason I scored that high was that I've been working to get to bed early enough that I can wake up without the alarm most mornings.

A ban on some prerecorded automated calls sounds nice, but the ones that are exempt from the ban are the ones we tend to get. And no, I don't mean we get lots of reverse 911 notifications or calls from the airline saying our flight is delayed (I tend to sign up for text notifications about flight changes). These days the automated calls we get are political, and of course the politicians can't be bothered to ban those.

Sci-fi and fantasy origami. o_O

[ profile] stealthcello & [ profile] s00j walked into Soulfood and Clint asked them to play tonight. They called [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris and thus from 8pm-10pm they will be Kitten Sundae at Soulfood in Redmond. I'll be there if the incense doesn't drive me off.
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I was going to get my haircut this weekend, but Farzy's is on the Derby Days parade route so I think NO.

The [Seafair] Pirates are landing at Alki and milk carton boats are storming Green Lake tomorrow, so yes, Seafair is here. The Lake Washington Hydro Race & Air Show will be the weekend of July 31st.

...and why am I thinking Vashon Lavendar Festival or the Seattle Bastille Day Festival Sunday might be fun?
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Microsoft Money is being discontinued and Quicken has a deal for Money users.

Aerie of Punch an' Pie and Queen of Wands is selling some prints of Queen of Wands strips to pay bills. Including one of the tech support strips. ([ profile] tsukara, don't know why this reminded me of you...)

[ profile] skipper_jovi: Top 10 Favorite Disney Attraction Songs.


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