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Going to Norwescon? Here's when the music panels & workshops are happening!!

Home Recording I
Cascade 13
3–4 p.m.
Everybody wants to make a music demo, and many want to record podcasts or livestream a show. What can you do with what you’ve got? If that won’t do—and it probably won’t—what do you really need to create a good demo or show? How little can you get away with; or, if you have even a small budget, what can you do to turn a spare bedroom into decent recording space? Hardware and software solutions are discussed.
Dara Korra’ti (M), Alexander James Adams

What the Frak Is Filk?
Cascade 11
5–6 p.m.
The oldest form of geekmusic at SF conventions is a branch-off from folk called “filk.” It has an intentionally open and deeply participatory culture, and isn’t just folk-derived, despite the origins. This panel is your introduction to fandom’s oldest tradition of participatory geekmusic. Come on out and play!
Stephanie Weippert (M), Wednesday Phoenix

Not a music panel, but there will be Karaoke in Evergreen 3&4 starting at 8pm, and concerts in Grand 3 starting at 9pm!

Thursday Night Open Filk
Evergreen 3&4
11 p.m.–2 a.m.
This is where you can come sing or play whatever you want, alone or with friends; to the most supportive crowd you will ever run into ever, anywhere. Seriously, you have no idea. Bring your instrument, bring your voice, and put some of that participation into participatory culture!
(This will be in Evergreen for the one night *only*, after Karaoke.)

Mad Libs Filk
Evergreen 3&4
noon–1 p.m.
Filk in the blanks. Our pros will take words from the audience and plug them into existing filk songs. The results are sure to be as far flung as the imaginations of the participants.
Jen K (M)

Concerts will happen starting at 2pm in Grand 3!! Check it out!!

It’s All About You (Without It Being At All About You)
Cascade 7&8
5–6 p.m.
Independent musicians, writers, and artists can all now be their own labels, their own imprints, their own galleries. But in the modern era how do you, a tiny fish, get noticed in the sea of information and other stage-grabbing attention whores like yourself? What if you’re just really bad at that? Some of our independent musicians, writers, and artists talk about being heard on the internet stage.
Stephanie Weippert (M), Raven Oak, Alexander James Adams, Shubzilla

Friday Night Open Filk
Grand 2
11:30 p.m.–2 a.m.
Come celebrate the culmination of Friday Filkfest by filking the night away! This is where you can come sing or play whatever you want, alone or with friends, to the most supportive crowd you will ever run into ever anywhere. Seriously, you have no idea. Bring your instrument, bring your voice, and put some of that participation into participatory culture!

Sea Shanties Sing-A-Long
Evergreen 3&4
noon–1 p.m.
We’re going out to C! Or sea? BOTH, when it’s sea shanties! Come fill your lungs like bellowing sails and sing along to some favorite songs used on ships for work and entertainment. Don’t know the difference between a capstan and a haul shanty? That’s okay; we’ll show you the ropes!
Jessica F. Hebert (M)

Concerts will also be happening Saturday afternoon! Check it out!

How Big a Fish Do You Need to Be?
Cascade 9
2–3 p.m.
You’re an independent writer. You’re an independent musician. You’re an independent artist. You make indie games. How big do you need to be to make a sustainable living? The traditional track to success has involved the large imprints and labels, but that’s not working so well anymore, particularly not for musicians. Is there a way forward? Come listen to our independent creatives talk about forging new paths in their industries.
Jonny Nero Action Hero (M), Stephanie Weippert, Dara Korra’ti, Alexander James Adams

Songwriting 101
Cascade 11
4–5 p.m.
Come one and all, and bring ideas! We’ll work on creating a song in the panel!
Jessica F. Hebert (M), Dara Korra’ti

Find Your Instrument
Evergreen 1&2
6–7 p.m.
Have you ever wondered how people figure out what kind of musical instrument they want to play? Several of our pros have volunteered to bring their instruments and introduce them to people. This is a hands-on workshop; after an introduction of the instruments, participants will be able to try out various instruments, and be given brief introductions on how to play them, by their owners. This panel is aimed at teens and adults; kids are welcome, but must be of an age and attitude appropriate to handle other peoples’ musical instruments!
Dara Korra’ti (M), Wednesday Phoenix, Norman K. Moss

Saturday Night Open Filk
Grand 3
midnight–3 a.m.
It’s the last open filk of Norwescon 40! After you’ve partied around a bit, and after the concerts are over, come sing or play whatever you want, alone or with friends, to the most supportive crowd you will ever run into ever, anywhere. Bring your instrument, bring your voice, and put some of that participation into participatory culture!

Geekmusic in the Wild
Cascade 9
1–2 p.m.
Where do you find this stuff? How do you get there? Where is it being played, when you’re not at Norwescon? Want to see your kind of music, live, when you’re not here? Our panelists talk about the venues and events that support different kinds of geek-friendly music.
Hollyanna McCollom (M), Stephanie Weippert, Christian Lipski, Wednesday Phoenix

Home Recording II
Cascade 9
2–3 p.m.
Everybody wants to make a demo, and many want to record podcasts or livestream a show. Okay, you have some equipment. Now what do you do with it? How do you set it up; how do you use it to capture or create the best sounds you can? If you didn’t make the first hour; that’s okay, come anyway.
Dara Korra’ti (M), Alexander James Adams, Christian Lipski
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The code is checked into the server tonight
Not a tester to be seen.
The program is ready to release
And it looks like the build is clean
The PO’s howling that we must deliver on time
Didn’t test at all, but it’s not a crime.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the Dev team you always have to be
Quality, no please, testing is slow
Well now we know.

Let it go, let it go, testing is a chore )


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Usually when the number of performers is changing up to the day before? It's a bad sign.

Usually when I ask how many vocal mics we'll need and don't get an answer, because it's not a simple question, and there's lots of debate over who is and isn't singing and who will want to speak from the stage and who can share mics? It's a bad sign.

Usually when line checks continue to door opening? It's a bad sign.

Oh, and in "never happened before and hope it never happens again", when we go to pick up [ profile] skydancer's sound equipment from his storage unit and the storage facility is without power? Should I mention his unit is on the 3rd floor? And no power means no elevator? I'm not sure how to interpret that except as a bad sign.

Photo by Sherry Kirk

And yet it was all perfect.

Congratulations to Betsy on a successful album launch!
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Allergies: possibly calming down? Just Allegra yesterday.

Music to make a coworker double-take: Cello Wars by The Piano Guys.

Done today: Voted for Spokane in 2015 Worldcon site selection. Requires being a member of WorldCom 2013 and $40 for your 2015 supporting membership. Mail-in ballots need to arrive by Aug 18, so I'm not quite late but close.

About Filk

Jul. 9th, 2012 05:07 pm
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I was asked to write "something about filk" for the 2012 Westercon program book.
if you've ever wondered.... )
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I swear, that was my first impression of this song, based solely on the music and the refrain. Bruce played it on Jimmy Fallon, so there's video if you want to hear it.

Death To My Hometown
Well, no cannon ball did fly, no rifles cut us down
No bombs fell from the sky, no blood soaked the ground
No powder flash blinded the eye
No deathly thunder sounded
But just as sure as the hand of God
They brought death to my hometown
They brought death to my hometown Read more... )
I'm sure that any reminder of "My Hometown" is intentional as well.
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Jen says (copying from Cheezburger):
No one knows what it's like
To be the bad cat
to be the sad cat
behind the blinds....

[ profile] jw1776 says:
no one bites as hard on their Kibble...
Like I do

Jen says:

[ profile] jw1776 says:
But my tooooooys are out of Catnip...

Jen says:
and my saaaandbox needs a change...

[ profile] jw1776 says:
I have whined for several hours
I need some pettins
The sheddings are free
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From 2007, a slight update to a classic...

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[ profile] suddenlynaked, to be precise. I'm kinda in shock.

(If you don't know the song, well, it's PG in a sweet and sexy way.)
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I spent a good part of today listening to "Anchorage" by Marian Call. It's on bandcamp for listening or purchase.

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  • 16:08 It's just a little surreal to hear Alec singing Cat & The Fiddle or Heather on the Moor. I was USING that brain, damnit.
  • 16:10 "it's heather on the moor, over the heather", "come and lay with the heather on the hill" ...
  • 16:10 Now listening to the reassuringly sane Dear Gina with creepy @stealthcello.
  • 19:16 Nexus One car mount & speaker.
  • 19:16 Aka, @xaritech is into gadgets. But we knew that.
  • 19:21 Gadget fun: start the GPS, deliberately take a different route to see how it adapts.
Copied via LoudTwitter cause it's easy :)


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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1) I have been busy, mostly with work but also with life. It happens.

2) Despite busyness, this past weekend I saw Tricky Pixie twice. Also Vixy & Tony and Clint McCune's band.

3) Yes, this was a Very Good Thing. Loved all of it. Except maybe where Clint teased me with a portion of a Bruce song during sound check and then didn't sing it during the concert.

4) You can see last night's show at, along with the Kitten Sundae ([ profile] s00j , [ profile] stealthcello , [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris ) show on 3/21, and the Bone Poets show on 2/12.

5) I am not feeling guilty for not doing work stuff on Saturday.

6) I enjoyed helping [ profile] dianthus drink the bottle of viognier she got on Saturday.

7) I liked the Mandolin Cafe, even if it got a bit recursive to have Alec playing a mandolin in the mandolin cafe.

8) I enjoyed the look on Alec's face when I surprised him with a bow on Sunday.

9) I did not enjoy getting an asthma attack yesterday while helping [ profile] skydancer setup sound gear. Haven't had to use my albuterol in months, damn it. (Wah!)

10) ...I would say that means it's really spring, except that it could also have been from going from wet outdoors to warmer-drier indoors and back and in and back and in and back and in.

11) Not sure my white rosebush is still alive, but the red one is covered in new growth. This is the exact opposite of last year.

12) Two days. Two days and I will be prepping for Norwescon instead of at work. I am pleased.

13) Sunday's "Zits" reminds me of my Friday evening. (My reaction was rather like Connie, not her son's.) Image and transcript gets kinda long, so )
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fyi )
Also: If you know [ profile] s00j's song In The House of Mama Dragon: [ profile] s00j announced that Mama Dragon had her first heart attack and is recovering and out of immediate danger, but asks for prayers, good thoughts, or energy from those who would like to send them.
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fyi )
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[ profile] jw1776 was singing to encourage our Roomba, Rosie, and I transcribed it.

to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

In the carpet, the shaggy carpet
The roomba stalks the dirt
In the carpet, the shaggy carpet
The roomba stalks the dirt
Dust bunnies quake in fear )
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Such as "Ring" aficionados. The Seattle Opera stages the Ring frequently, which is to say, Seattle folk aren't just crazy when it's raining. A NY Times travel writer discusses this and other Ring quirkiness.

From the sidebar at the end:
  • Know that Tchaikovsky once wrote of the “Ring”: “After the last note, I felt as though I had been let out of prison.”

  • Consider the gaucherie of going out for dinner during the long second act of “Die Walküre,” as some do.

  • Delight in the fact that, in his conception of the ideal production of the “Ring,” Wagner wanted the theater burned down at the cycle’s conclusion.
To which I would add: According to my high school German teacher, one percussionist noticed he was only needed during the 1st act and the end of the last act of one of the 4 or 5-hour long operas. So he told his jazz band buddies he was available that night. He'd play the first act at the opera house, play with the jazz band -- and as long as he was back by the crescendo of the last act he was fine ;)

(When I was in high school The Ring was an annual production. Now it's every-n-years.)
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Still here. Have been shifting my sleep/wake schedule a bit earlier, partly for work reasons and partly to be in the same time zone with [ profile] jw1776 and [ profile] skydancer.

What's your body clock? quiz - I scored a 14, right on the cusp of moderate & definite night owl. I think the main reason I scored that high was that I've been working to get to bed early enough that I can wake up without the alarm most mornings.

A ban on some prerecorded automated calls sounds nice, but the ones that are exempt from the ban are the ones we tend to get. And no, I don't mean we get lots of reverse 911 notifications or calls from the airline saying our flight is delayed (I tend to sign up for text notifications about flight changes). These days the automated calls we get are political, and of course the politicians can't be bothered to ban those.

Sci-fi and fantasy origami. o_O

[ profile] stealthcello & [ profile] s00j walked into Soulfood and Clint asked them to play tonight. They called [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris and thus from 8pm-10pm they will be Kitten Sundae at Soulfood in Redmond. I'll be there if the incense doesn't drive me off.


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