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KOMO is suggesting tomorrow's storm will be like the storm on Dec 14, 2006. I remember that - nearly got marooned in my office, power out for days, etc.

Stay safe, folks.
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Wonderful, good music, good fun. Yay for days off. *snore*
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Really cleaned the bedroom this weekend for the first time in months. OMG I feel happier. Partly it was nesting, but I'm sure that getting all that dust out of the room I spend the most time in helped too.
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FYI, it looks like downtown Seattle traffic on Tuesday is going to be a bit hairy. In particular, there will be a parade down 5th Avenue from the Space Needle to the Pine Street.
Altogether, some 12,000 members of the Lions Club — known best for its programs that help the blind and improving eye care around the world — will march from Seattle Center to downtown Tuesday morning. Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau believes it will be the largest parade in city history, said David Blandford, bureau spokesman. [...] The parade and convention will have a big impact on traffic, too, with some 20 bus routes to be rerouted to make way for the marchers on Tuesday. There will be 90 private buses shuttling conventioneers around the city throughout the convention.

If you don't like crowds, consider yourself warned. Officials are telling residents to expect heavy traffic and swarms of tourists in downtown, where the event will be held at the Washington State Convention Center and KeyArena.
jenk: Faye (SoccerPlayer)'ll get this banner that someone hung outside the stadium for tonight's Sounders game.

Confucius say: He who blows vuvuzela makes a bad sound-er
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There's a lot of talk on my flist about high temps. Seattle's even warming up, though why we had to go from 60s to 90s in one week is a little confusing. A Floridian offers some tips on coping with heat.

No, really? "Boy Injured by Firecracker Urges Caution" was the print headline, but they updated it a bit online.

Prince says the Internet "is completely over." Wonder why I'm not convinced.


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:20 pm
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  • 10:49 Got to Three Lions in Redmond a little before 9am for breakfast. Filling up as the USA-Ghana game approaches.
  • 10:53 They're interviewing Desmond Tutu in his South African jersey and hat. That's not what he wears when visiting St Mark's ;)
  • 11:38 And #GHA scores a few minutes in. Yo, #USA - let's not be too embarrassing here, okay? #worldcup
  • 12:41 Wishing the #USA team would run TO the ball instead of waiting around for it.
  • 13:33 Ghana is playing well. #gha 2 #usa 1 #worldcup
  • 14:10 If it's a SRO #worldcup game, you're at a prime table, people near you keep leaving and nobody wants those chairs? You might be annoying.
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May. 6th, 2010 11:34 am
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[ profile] k_crow, who lives across the street, called to tell me that there was a car in my front yard.

Yes, a CAR in my FRONT YARD. Oh, and the big locked mailbox that was bolted to the sidewalk just south of our driveway had migrated to the driveway. (The driveway, btw, is south of the front yard.)

So naturally I headed home to check out the carnage. As it happens, there really wasn't much by the time I got there. What appears to have happened is:

  1. A neighbor's car was parallel parked on the street, south of the mailbox.
  2. A big silver PT Cruiser heading south tried to do a U-turn, miscalculated, and hit the neighbor's car.
  3. Neighbor's car popped its clutch and sprang forward. It knocked the mailbox into our driveway. The car itself went across our driveway and landed in the yard.
  4. Several neighbors heard it and called the cops.

Fortunately, no one was in the parked car. No houses were hit. None of our vehicles were hit. The PT Cruiser died in the road and had to be towed. One neighbor thinks the driver was going to drive away (?) but also said the driver wanted to pull to the side of the road. There's some speculation that the driver may have been under the influence. I mean - it's a cul-de-sac. There's loads of space to make a U-turn.

The post office sent someone up to get the remains of the mailbox and the cop gave him the PT Cruiser's insurance information to pay for a new mailbox. Oh, and here's what the mailbox looked like before the excitement (courtesy of Google street view). It's made of sheet metal and was bolted to the sidewalk. Yeah...suddenly I'm glad we have a rockery-type thing in our front yard; if the car hadn't stopped on its own, it would've hit the rocks before the house.

By the time I got home, the PT Cruiser had been towed and the owner of the other car had re-parked it and swept up a bunch of the debris. I did chat a bit with the post office dude and the cop and determined there wasn't really anything for me to do.

So...excitement in Redmond. I'm back at work, trying to let the adrenalin wear off.


May. 3rd, 2010 10:10 pm
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  • 15:35 What's with @bennettsenate lawn signs? It's MAY. I was enjoying my annual REPRIEVE from campaigning and then @bennettsenate ruined it.
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  • 11:00 Note to self: Check if local PO is open late on April 15th before agreeing to mail extension for a friend at 9pm on the 15th. #
  • 11:00 Also double-check address given in @SeattleTimes for open post office with post office site. #
  • 11:00 The @SeattleTimes stated Riverton PO is Seattle but it's in Seatac! Thanks @komonewsradio for CORRECT INFO. #
  • 11:10 Note to self: Also useful: husband who has number for @KOMONewsRadio memorized. ;) #
  • 12:30 Yum: Juicy orange. Oops: Orange squirts juice at my shirt. #
  • 18:54 Kitty plays with iPad. *dead of cute* #
  • 21:20 Checked the airline website to confirm @xaritech is back in the Seattle area. Start to tweet that he's here and he calls. :) #

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As an update, I did hear back from @SeattleTimes - they updated the article in question.  Of course, now it's the 16th, so not sure how useful that is...


Apr. 16th, 2010 07:21 pm
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It is definitely spring; trees and flowers are growing, and there's a palpable something in the air. Fortunately my current regimen of asthma medications is working hard, and when I need something extra, I can take as-needed extras.

Today, for example, my eyes were itching like MAD so I popped a Benadryl. Because Benadryl is also Nytol, and I was at work and thus trying to stay awake, I followed the Benadryl with some chocolate-covered espresso beans.

And I immediately needed to We cut because we care, and also, not everyone is interested in what's going on with various bodily functions. )
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  • 15:14 Discussing how I make cassoulet with Jesse. It doesn't have an exact recipe, more like "need some sausage, some veggies, lots of beans." #
  • 15:15 And: "It's supposed to be a bean stew. Is it mostly beans? If not, add more beans." #
  • 20:37 @seananmcguire @hsifyppah @vixy OMG you have GOT to see this: #
  • 22:06 @hsifyppah A CUTE lizard that craps coffee makes me think of Seanan & then you. I like imagining how you'd use it at work. ;) #

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  • 18:18 Oh yeah. RT @drakemonger Though the labels aren't the same, this is how I feel about my own sexual identity: #

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... is not where you expect to wake up to a light dusting of snow, with a forecast of "possibly more snow" in the evening.

What do you wear for possible snow / possible spring weather? Layers! In my case, black lycra/spandex leggings under black cotton slacks; purple 3/4-sleeve jewel-neck top; big acrylic long-sleeve v-neck sweater; green and blue plaid polar fleece coat. At the moment the coat is in the car, the sweater is on my desk, and I am comfortably sipping "Lemon Lift" tea.


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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1) I have been busy, mostly with work but also with life. It happens.

2) Despite busyness, this past weekend I saw Tricky Pixie twice. Also Vixy & Tony and Clint McCune's band.

3) Yes, this was a Very Good Thing. Loved all of it. Except maybe where Clint teased me with a portion of a Bruce song during sound check and then didn't sing it during the concert.

4) You can see last night's show at, along with the Kitten Sundae ([ profile] s00j , [ profile] stealthcello , [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris ) show on 3/21, and the Bone Poets show on 2/12.

5) I am not feeling guilty for not doing work stuff on Saturday.

6) I enjoyed helping [ profile] dianthus drink the bottle of viognier she got on Saturday.

7) I liked the Mandolin Cafe, even if it got a bit recursive to have Alec playing a mandolin in the mandolin cafe.

8) I enjoyed the look on Alec's face when I surprised him with a bow on Sunday.

9) I did not enjoy getting an asthma attack yesterday while helping [ profile] skydancer setup sound gear. Haven't had to use my albuterol in months, damn it. (Wah!)

10) ...I would say that means it's really spring, except that it could also have been from going from wet outdoors to warmer-drier indoors and back and in and back and in and back and in.

11) Not sure my white rosebush is still alive, but the red one is covered in new growth. This is the exact opposite of last year.

12) Two days. Two days and I will be prepping for Norwescon instead of at work. I am pleased.

13) Sunday's "Zits" reminds me of my Friday evening. (My reaction was rather like Connie, not her son's.) Image and transcript gets kinda long, so )
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fyi )
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If you are looking for it, I would suggest Rxtra Care U & I Pharmacy in Bellevue. They have both the mist and the shot, and are taking walk-ins from 11am to 5pm weekdays. I think I waited all of 5 minutes while the older couple ahead of me got their vaccinations after filling out my paperwork. Being on asthma meds I got the shot, which was $20.

Thanks [ profile] skydancer for suggesting them. :)
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We have a rubbermaid green bucket that's been sitting outside for months. It's acted partly as a bit of a rain gauge and partly as a very small "collect rainwater to water plants with" water barrel.

But mostly I've been too lazy to put it away, and it's not hurting anything, so why bother?

Last week it turned cold. The average December temps here range from 36F to 46F; this week it's been in the teens and twenties. Saturday Jesse noticed the bucket had frozen over. He broke the ice, dumped out the water and ice on the yard, and put the bucket away in the garage. The ice was roughly 2 half-circles, a bit less than an inch thick.

They're still in my yard. I don't think they've melted at all. This ain't right.


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