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The new female condom can be inserted "up to 8 hours ahead of time". Um...why do I think this would not be a good idea???? I mean, walking? Going to the bathroom?

And: nifty tiny houses :)


Apr. 13th, 2009 10:34 pm
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This Questionable Content series is both very like and very unlike my first visit to Babeland. ;)

(Links may not be work-safe.)
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This is a bit more excitement than I require from a date. Plus I prefer to have sex outside of jail. Guess I'm just too vanilla.
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No, not even the Pill.

Yes, it prevents pregnancy. Yes, this can direct the path of your life in ways that do not involve children.* And you know what? I think that if you are not prepared to raise a child, then using birth control is the RESPONSIBLE thing.

Yes, I've never been pregnant. It is not an accident that I've never been pregnant. Never being pregnant does not mean I am not "entitled" to speak in this matter.

If YOU want to be open to having children, that is YOUR choice. Others are entitled to make THEIR choices.

God, save me from the people who claim to be talkin' to you.

*It can also clear up acne, keep endometriosis under control, reduce PMS, and other good and useful and LAWFUL things....
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A TV reporter was fired after posting an ad for threesomes with a photo showing him and his girlfriend in the act.

In Vegas.

Granted I think posting that sort of picture, or an identifiable picture with that sort of ad, is dumb ... especially if you're a recognizable personality.

But I am still vaguely surprised. Maybe this is one of those "out of step with normals" things?
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This photo appeared on the front page of the Seattle Times website today, accompanying a story about the couples' parties being shut down.

A woman of size posing for a news photo while wearing only a sheet? That's hutzpuh, people. (It's newspaper-safe, but still.)

The other surprising thing was the matter-of-fact tone in discussing sex clubs in the area. Some quotes that raised my eyebrows.
Large swingers groups aren't unusual locally, but they generally meet in commercial areas or hotels and not close to other homes.
The parties catered to "big beautiful women" and "big handsome men," and to the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) scene, they said.
The Hardwood Cabin was among about a dozen well-frequented sex clubs in the Seattle area, said Allena Gabosch, director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture, a nonprofit social club for the greater Seattle area.
Now, I'm not at all offended by this. I'm glad that they're [mostly] treating it like the neighborly dispute it is, and not pushing an "OMG kinky sex-crazed predators" angle.
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I am trying to imagine Mo's reaction to this. And failing.

Marriage makes you, on average, healthier, happier and wealthier. If you are a couple raising kids, marrying is likely to make them healthier, happier and wealthier, too. Marriage is our first and best line of defense against financial, medical and emotional meltdown. It provides domesticity and a safe harbor for sex. It stabilizes communities by formalizing responsibilities and creating kin networks. And its absence can be calamitous, whether in inner cities or gay ghettos.

In 2008, denying gay Americans the opportunity to marry is not only inhumane, it is unsustainable. History has turned a corner: Gay couples—including gay parents—live openly and for the most part comfortably in mainstream life. This will not change, ever. [...] Conservatives often say same-sex marriage should be prohibited because it does not exemplify the ideal form of family. They should consider how much less ideal an example gay couples will set by building families and raising children out of wedlock.

[...T] best way to encourage marriage is to encourage marriage, which is what society does by bringing gay couples inside the tent. A good way to discourage marriage, on the other hand, is to tarnish it as discriminatory in the minds of millions of young Americans. Conservatives who object to redefining marriage risk redefining it themselves, as a civil-rights violation. — Jonathan Rauch

I got this from the Slog. Also from the Slog is this pair of terrific AIDS Prevention Ads from France, which are (ahem) not work-safe. At least not in America. But they are cute and fun and whimsical. :)
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From Jessa Crispin at Bookslut (by way of Paul Constant at the Slog) comes the assertion that “Having slept with 40 men by the time you’re in your late 30s does not make you a slut,” and a mathematical model to determine if you are a slut:

# of Total Men1    >    Your Age x 1.5


1Personally I would amend this to "Total Persons", not "Total Men".
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According to The Sun, "Officials at the Church of England have written a saucy good sex guide for their parishioners."

The Church website takes just a bit of a different slant on the book and related pre-marital course, saying that "Growing Together identifies key areas which couples need to consider to make sure their marriage stands the test of time. They include children, money, commitment, sex, conflict, faith and families."

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A couple researchers decided to look at the effects of being spanked as a child and adult behavior. One meta-analysis of spanking studies "found 93 percent agreement among studies that spanking can lead to such problems as delinquent and anti-social behavior in childhood along with aggression, criminal and anti-social behavior and spousal or child abuse as an adult."

That "can lead" tells me this is likely looking at correlations, not causes. (Personally I doubt spanking teaches kids much more than bigger people can beat up littler people.) But what caught my eye was this little gem:
Researchers have uncovered another damaging consequence of spanking: risky sexual behaviors, or even sexual deviancy, when the child grows up.
They found that spanking and other corporal punishment is associated with an increased probability of verbally and physically coercing a dating partner to have sex; risky sex such as premarital sex without using a condom; and masochistic sex such as spanking during sex.
Um ... not exactly sure how spanking during sex compares to assault or risking STIs, unless you are assuming it's not consensual or that it's simply harmful in itself.

ETA: Another article.
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British condom maker Futura Medical Plc said on Thursday that results of a study showed its new condom helped men have firmer and bigger erections, as well as a longer-lasting sexual experience.

Shares in the company, which specializes in sexual healthcare and pain relief, rose 14.5 percent to 59.25 pence on hopes the condom, which will be marketed by Durex condom-maker SSL International, could go on sale next year. [...]

The condom has a small amount of gel in its peak that dilates the arteries and increases blood flow to the penis. - Reuters
Gel which dilates the arteries? And, one hopes, does not cause contact dermatitis?

Apparently the firm is hopeful this will not only draw current condom users, but also folks who currently don't use condoms. Which would probably be a good thing. I think. So ... yay?
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BBC translators report that the Iranian newspaper Resalat ran an article on the capture of trained squirrels, equipped with GPS devices, cameras, and so on, that were captured on Iran's border.

More info here (scroll down a bit). (Thanks [ profile] phinnia for the link.)

And from an article on AIDS prevention for seniors:
“Unfortunately, most individuals have the perception that sex ends at, what, 32?” [professor of gerontology Nancy] Orel said. “And many older adults report that when they go to see their physicians, the physicians don’t ask if they’re sexually active.”
32, huh? ;)
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AKA, a few annotated links.
  1. If you are a felon in possession of a firearm, do not shoot anyone unless your actual life is in danger &mdash and even if it is, be prepared to be charged. In particular, be sure the "rodent" you are shooting at is not a snorkeler.

  2. If you are a fatphobic hetboy fat fetishist who runs down the women you are attracted to, even Dan Savage thinks you do not deserve to get laid. Because?

    The woman you'd want deserves better than you.

    The letter reads like he couldn't decide between self-pity and bad porn. The writer comes off as the type of snake that abuses kids & dogs. And marrying a thin woman because he doesn't have the balls to admit he is attracted to fat women? Well ... I guess that says it all, doesn't it?

  3. Accept what turns you on. If it's legal and moral, talk to your partner. If it isn't, try to work out an alternative that is legal and moral, or realize your fantasies are going to be different from your reality. But hiding your desires is not going to get you what you want.

  4. If cleaning your house has got you down ... at least you don't have to deal with 8' by 200' of wax.


Jun. 30th, 2007 08:55 pm
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Horrorscope cartoons
Man foils attacker with deodorant
Teen pregnancy rate at 65-year low

And, Kevin & Kell: Born to Migrate CD cover (based on Born to Run).
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[ profile] lisakit posted a question about "The Secret". My reply noted the sort of folks I thought it was targeting (hint: have disposable income*) ~ but that for someone whose life is really not working, more practical advice would likely be more useful.

Some books I came up with for examples were:

  1. Leaving Home Survival Guide. Finding an apartment, fixing it up, cleaning it, negotiating with landlords, roommates, bosses, coworkers, and the government, and a few kitchen basics.
  2. Everything Women Always Wanted to Know About Cars (But Didn't Know Who To Ask). What's really up under the hood, how to check the fluids & change the oil - and why those are useful things.
  3. Real Life 101: A Guide To Stuff That Actually Matters. I was looking for another "basic life skills", and this one includes finding a job, an apartment, health care, transportation, and so on.
  4. Job Hunting for Dummies. If you what you've done in the past isn't working for you, it doesn't hurt to try....
  5. Cooking Basics for Dummies. The goal is to learn enough that you can eat in without giving yourself scurvy or ptomaine poisoning.
  6. Personal Finance for Dummies. Figuring out what you have, what to do with it, and how to take care of it. (This book was my main guide for getting out of debt, actually.)
  7. Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt. This gets more in detail on dealing with debt - including negotiating with creditors and when (and when not) to go through bankruptcy.
  8. Spend Well, Live Rich: How to Get What You Want with the Money You Have. It's all about using your head. On clothes: "If it's on your ass, it's not an asset!" On dating: "It's okay to say: 'Honey, I love you and everything, but if you need money, ask your mama.'" In general: "Is this a need or is it a want?" and "Enough is enough."
  9. The Complete Tightwad Gazette. The tagline of the newsletter was "Promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle", but it's really about cutting down where you want to so that you can splurge on the things you really want - in the author's case, a big, old-fashioned house with attached barn and six kids.
Moving a bit up Maslow's heirarchy, there's:

  1. The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex. From anatomy, communication, & masturbation to outercourse & intercourse to fantasies & bdsm, this book covers the stuff that should be taught everywhere.
  2. Women and the Blues as a general help-me-get-unstuck book.
  3. For pregnancy and motherhood, I'd suggest the Girlfriends' Guide series.

I've read most of these; the others (3, 4, 5, & 7) look good from Amazon's info. Any thoughts on other books along this line? What would you give to someone moving out on her own, or want to throw at your unemployable cousin, or have helped you to get yourself together?

*Enough to buy a book. Doesn't need to be more.
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Apparently the newest wrinkle in the Ted Haggard flap is that he has gone from gay to straight in three weeks. According to "ex-gays", it took them years.

So why isn't anyone asking if his inclinations - if not his actions - might be bisexual?

Assume that he's not seeing men anymore. Assume he's been interested in both men and women all along. Assume that he's "committed" himself, brainwashed himself, into rejecting sex with men. Never mind whether he's been mostly attracted to men in his life: if he has the capability of arousal with both, then, physically speaking, he's attracted to both.

So he calls himself hetero. Because in his mind, if he ain't with men, he's not gay.

This would also explain his assertion that he can choose whether to have sex with men or women, because for him it has been a choice all along.

He may never identify himself as bisexual*. It might help his mental health if he did. But then again, considering his other espoused beliefs, it might not.

*He probably never self-identified as a lying druggie, either.
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This is popping my eyes wide. But to fully process will take coffee.

Scene: Convention room of a Sheraton. One hundred evangelical Christian couples for a “Love, Sex and Marriage,” seminar by Southern preacher Joe Beam.

Beam, a portly, silver-haired basso profundo dressed in khaki slacks, a sweater vest and brown tasseled loafers that make him look like a retired country-club golf pro, walks to the front of the room and proceeds to tell the men in the audience possibly not work safe ) Sweet stuff works, he says, which provides a built-in excuse because "then you can say, 'I'm eating this cake for you, baby!'"

The really scary quote? "More and more pastors are preaching about [sex] on Sunday" - Christian sex therapist Michael Sytsma of the Sexual Wholeness Ministry.

Seriously, I don't disagree with the overall message per se ("Married Christians ought to be having more — and hotter — sex.") Discussing some specifics. )

Source: MSNBC


Aug. 6th, 2006 12:29 am
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Couple quotes spotted in an article on discussing STDs in the local paper:
"Ironically, it may require greater intimacy to discuss sex than to engage in it."
- attributed to a report on STDs from The Institute of Medicine.

"If you're not ashamed about having had sex, then don't be ashamed about STDs."
- Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, director of STD prevention and control for the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
It's not people who know they have [had] STDs that worry me so much as the people who don't check. How can you disclose when you don't know?
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That Forever Pregnant? article that people are linking to? It links to a "Special Report" on teen sex, including an article on how sex ed is handled in Europe. The article is under the cut.

"The main difference is that in the States sexual activity is considered a risk. Here we consider it a pleasure." )
I like the emphasis on preventing teen pregnancy...but then, I consider having a child one can't raise to be immoral, and most teens don't have the money or the maturity.


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