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The truck in this photo? Was gone today. Don't know if it got towed out or fell into the ravine.

Saw several folks waiting for the 221 on 166th Ave. Pity that 166th isn't part of the 221 snow route.

Otherwise it's a lazy Saturday.


Dec. 20th, 2008 09:41 am
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The NY Times blog "Bitten" is syndicated at [ profile] bittenblog_nyt.

Slate's Explainer tackles Iraqis & shoes.

More locally, The Stranger's Erica Barnett provides this illuminating interview with Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond on what the hell's been up with Metro the last 2 days. In a nutshell: Thursday their snow plan, which is about a 20% reduction in service, basically failed. So Friday they decided to "pull in and focus our service in places where we have confidence the buses can run" - mostly not in places like West Seattle and Redmond, mostly not with articulated buses, and realizing that the trolley buses (that use electrical wires above the street) can't usually change their routes to avoid a problematic hill. It ended up being about 50% of normal service. Communicating this is a problem, too.

Desmond did say they plan to run mostly normal schedules on Saturday & Sunday, assuming no more snow. Um....

As for us, well, 'nother storm is expected, a windstorm this time, which frequently means falling trees, downed power lines, and so on. Does look like a fairly normal windstorm for us - lights will probably flicker, may even go out, but hopefully not for a week this time please?

We have done prep: We have food that doesn't need much prep. Since our old downstairs flashlight died we got a new one last night. Also batteries. We also have loads of candles, including candles in glass jars (thanks [ profile] k_crow for that tip.) I ran the roomba downstairs last night; dishwasher running now, and I'm off to vacuum upstairs & do a last load of laundry.
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  • 18:26 Used diaper left on the bus. Kind me takes it to garbage during wait. Kind driver offers hand sanitizer.
  • 18:51 Nice day for clouds. England passed by a little while ago. A broken heart is above me now.
  • 19:04 Listening to 'Sycamore Tree' on bus2.
  • 19:11 Overlake Transit Center, where Metro, Sound Transit, & Microsoft's own bus/shuttle service all meet.

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Sep. 3rd, 2008 12:00 am
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  • 09:15 Watching a crow check the transit center for food. Food doesn't seem plentiful.
  • 16:01 Hotmail is whining that Chrome is weird. Or not recognized, at least. And do I want to upgrade? ;)
  • 18:35 Oops: Realizing on bus1 of a 3-bus trip that I lack schedules for bus2 & bus3.
  • 18:46 8 Verizon trucks on Redmond Way.
  • 18:52 Crews are mostly standing around. Hopefully that means dsl is fixed.
  • 19:18 At home, on intarwebs. W00t.

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Aug. 21st, 2008 12:02 am
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  • 18:31 On working where it makes sense -
  • 19:36 Guy at bus stop would NOT take no for an answer. Polite, flattering, persistent vampire.
  • 19:42 And oh JOY he was on the same bus.

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Jul. 24th, 2008 10:09 pm
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  • 08:15 Things I miss when I drive: Skate park is deserted at 8am.
  • 08:19 At 8:15, a skater appeared.
  • 08:31 Things I don't miss when I drive: Missing my bus because I'm reading & my ears missed 2 buses arriving at once....oops!

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Tracks for new "walking" playlist:

Follow Me Down, Seanan McGuire
Pretty Little Dead Girl, Seanan McGuire
I Feel Fantastic, Jonathan Coulton
What About Everything? Carbon Leaf
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, Neil Diamond


Jul. 8th, 2008 10:07 pm
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  • 10:16 Wondering if construction workers regard buses as test cases for how well they set out their traffic cones.
  • 15:32 Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life: Violence and committee meetings. - George F. Will
  • 15:42 Will also proves American myopia, since he gives no explanation for rugby. Unless "violence and committee meetings" applies there too.
  • 18:38 Does singing along to "The Night Kaga Brought the Lutefisk Down" mean I'm a crazy bus lady?

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For years I'd resolve to go for a walk each day, do it for a few days or weeks, then stop.

A few months ago I got some free bus tickets and started taking the bus, which drops me off a bit over a half-mile from work. This is working well because my good intentions really only have to last long enough to get me onto the bus -- after that, I'm kinda stuck :)

When I started I was badly enough out of shape that I would drive to work one morning, walk+bus home that night, and reverse it the next day. I did this all while recovering from a pulled muscle and found it really helped.

Now the walking is easy enough I occasionally get off a stop early :) Sometimes it's pleasant to be walking and alone with my thoughts - or jazzing to music. And sometimes I really don't like it. I'll be sore and cold and tired and don't wanna. But that doesn't usually hit until I'm off the bus, at which point I don't have much choice beyond walking. (Or calling someone and asking for a ride. I'm not willing to be that much of a wuss.) So I walk on anyway.

I will say that having walked usually does feel good. Even if I'm sore, I arrive at work feeling more awake and relaxed. And I'm much less stressed if I bus home than if I drive.

Does this add more time to my commute? Yes. The time spent on the actual buses is about the same as if drove, only I get to read :) The walk? Is additional, but less time than going to a gym. Waiting for the bus? That can get old, and is sometimes long. I'm fortunate that I can usually wait at a lighted shelter where I can read.

How about cost? I started with incentive Metro tickets from the city, free. I've since bought a 3-month 1-zone peak pass for $162 and my company reimbursed me half that cost ($81). I've also bought a more visible coat; a more comfortable, waterproof, & stylish backpack; and a light folding umbrella.

Bottom line: I'm feeling better, I have more endurance, and I've stuck with this longer than most gyms I've joined. So I think it's for the best.


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