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Republicans claim to be for small government conservatism. So they're for letting municipalities set their own laws, right? Writing on North Carolina's recent anti-LGBT bill:

[The legislative blitz] wasn’t only a bathroom bill, though. That was the pretext — state legislation to override Charlotte’s city law protecting LGBT civil rights. But the effect — explicitly written into this new law — reaches far beyond just this immediate anti-LGBT pretext. The law claims for the state the right to overrule and override any local or municipal regulation — specifically mentioning local minimum-wage laws and child-labor laws.

So this isn’t just about prohibiting Charlotte from protecting the civil rights of LGBT residents. It’s also about preventing Charlotte from raising the minimum wage. Or preventing Charlotte — or any other municipality — from, say, requiring better water-safety standards than whatever state lawmakers might decide. It’s a centralized, top-down, Raleigh-knows-best power-grab by the capital. Because, again, small government conservatism.

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So, a member of the Washington state legislature resigned after it was pointed out that he 1) no longer has a permanent address in Washington and 2) registered to vote in Ohio last year. Per the Everett Herald,
Hope, who last lived in Mill Creek, became a registered voter in Lake County, Ohio, in August 2013 through the state's motor-voter law. He doesn't recall doing it and has never voted there.
“I had no idea that I was ever registered somewhere else,” he said. “I had no clue that's what I did.”
Hope is an Ohio native and his mother lives in the state. He said Thursday morning that he intended to settle there when he completes training for a career in financial services.
If Hope had not resigned, he could have been forced out by state and county election officials who were considering the process for canceling his registration.
State law requires an elected official remain a registered voter in the district or jurisdiction that they serve. If they are not a registered voter, they are immediately removed from office.
Hope is still legally registered to vote in the 44th Legislative District that he's served since 2008. However, he's been on inactive status since last year.
In the meantime, Hope could be pressed to reimburse the state for the money he's earned as a state lawmaker since he registered in Ohio.
Deputy Chief Clerk Bernard Dean said Thursday that House lawyers and the state Attorney General's Office have been asked to determine whether Hope became an unqualified lawmaker when he registered in Ohio and, if so, what actions can be taken in response.

I find it difficult to believe he didn't know that he'd moved out of state when he got a driver's license in Ohio. But what's also odd, to me, is the photo that the local ABC affiliate KOMO ran of the Rep Hope:

That photo isn't on his legislature page or his official flickr. So...why?

Update: Turns out Mike Hope is also an aspiring actor!
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Steve Ballmer spent 2 billion dollars for the LA Clippers. Which kinda puts the Chris Hansen / Steve Ballmer partnership that asked for $200 million in public money to pay for a new Seattle NBA stadium and buy a team in, shall we say, perspective.

For the amount Ballmer just paid for the Clippers, he could have built a new Sodo basketball arena all by himself, plus built the Safeco Field baseball stadium, plus built the CenturyLink football stadium and still had more than $600 million left over for buying a team.
Ballmer, at least, didn't need public money. He (or his partners) wanted public money so they could face less risk themselves. This is a reasonable choice, but doesn't mean they're entitled to it.
The city of Seattle, which is slated to put a hundred-plus million in bonds into the arena, has not given final approval to that plan. What they passed two years ago was an agreement to do the studies while [the group, including Ballmer] pursued a team. But many council members have told me that their “yes” votes back then do not mean they’re necessarily going to be “yes” votes for a final go-ahead.
I don't have a problem with sports per se, but I do think the city has more important things to put its tax dollars into - like education, transportation & infrastructure.
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A nicely-done video on Daylight Saving Time.

On the one hand, I like the sun getting up a little later (relative to my clock) in summer. On the other hand, the change in time screws with my sleep schedule.
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FYI, it looks like downtown Seattle traffic on Tuesday is going to be a bit hairy. In particular, there will be a parade down 5th Avenue from the Space Needle to the Pine Street.
Altogether, some 12,000 members of the Lions Club — known best for its programs that help the blind and improving eye care around the world — will march from Seattle Center to downtown Tuesday morning. Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau believes it will be the largest parade in city history, said David Blandford, bureau spokesman. [...] The parade and convention will have a big impact on traffic, too, with some 20 bus routes to be rerouted to make way for the marchers on Tuesday. There will be 90 private buses shuttling conventioneers around the city throughout the convention.

If you don't like crowds, consider yourself warned. Officials are telling residents to expect heavy traffic and swarms of tourists in downtown, where the event will be held at the Washington State Convention Center and KeyArena.
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From an article on a cooking with a wood stove:
Ms. Grube also discussed period-specific practices for determining the stove’s readiness. Ms. Nieves conducted what Ms. Grube called “the paper test” by inserting a piece of paper into the oven after the fire had been going more than an hour.

“When the edges of a piece of paper curl up, it’s just right for breads and pastries” and has reached approximately 360 degrees, Ms. Grube said.

A similar method for determining oven-readiness — “the arm test” — involved reaching into the lighted contraption.

“If you can keep your arm in and count to 10, but no longer, it’s reached about 375 degrees,” Ms. Grube said. “If you can’t keep it in 10 seconds, it’s reached 400 or hotter and you have a fast oven.”

I am appreciating my electric stove (with built-in thermometer) a bit more.
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Why am I thinking about homemade pop-tarts? Like, with ginger-apricot jam?
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There's a lot of talk on my flist about high temps. Seattle's even warming up, though why we had to go from 60s to 90s in one week is a little confusing. A Floridian offers some tips on coping with heat.

No, really? "Boy Injured by Firecracker Urges Caution" was the print headline, but they updated it a bit online.

Prince says the Internet "is completely over." Wonder why I'm not convinced.
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LaHaye & Jenkins' notion of spiritual warfare is difficult to distinguish from sorcery. The Antichrist can cast a spell that we are powerless to resist. That would mean we're all doomed except that we can invoke the magic words spell, which God is powerless to resist, and thereby compel God to cast his counter-spell against the Antichrist.*

It's kind of like a cosmic game of rock-paper-scissors. Antichrist beats human beats God beats Antichrist.

Still Unsaved

Antichrist is devil horns, God is thumbs-up (a la Buddy Christ) but what's human?

*Yes, this is NOT the generally accepted Christian view, but it is the view that slacktivist is seeing in Left Behind (Your career rides on meeting the man I think is the Antichrist and you're not a Christian? Get saved! So the Antichrist can't hurt you!) and criticizing.
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[I]n searching for "something not just to die for but to live for" [they] settle on "a group, a team, a force" and not a cause, a purpose, a mission. Bruce attempts to imagine a cause or a mission that this "force" would be fighting for, but the best he can manage is to imagine what it would be fighting against:

"When it becomes obvious who the Antichrist is, the false prophet, the evil, counterfeit religion, we'll have to oppose them, speak out against them."
So again they aren't for Christ, they're anti-Antichrist, which again is far from the same thing.
Martyr Envy

Oh, and the "force" they're creating? It's the title of the sequel. Ca-ching!
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From the slacktivist's critique of Left Behind (which has spawned a website of fan fiction based on the idea of an after-Rapture world where people act like actual human beings):
An aside for my evangelical brothers and sisters: "The scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The laborer is worthy of his reward" (I Timothy 5:18). So tip 20 percent. At least. Divide by five and round up. If you also plan to: A) say grace aloud before the meal; B) ask your server if he/she is "saved;" and/or C) leave a gospel tract on the table when you leave, then make that 40 percent.
The spiritual warfare gurus love to cite the story of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness as though it were an introductory course in Defense Against the Dark Arts. The salient point of the story, for them, is not its profound contrast of love and power, but rather its demonstration of mystical defensive techniques. A magic trick. When tempted by Satan, Jesus quoted scripture. Thus, they believe, when confronted by the forces of darkness, Christians should follow suit by raising their wands and chanting "Expecto patronum!" ... er, I mean, by citing chapter and verse from the Bible to invoke divine protection.
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You know you've been on LJ too long when you don't understand why "unfriend" is being celebrated as "a new word". It's freaking ancient.
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The average middle class person alive today has more goodies than the kings and queens of times past. In fact, even during this time of economic retrenchment, most of us have a higher standard of living than 99 percent of all the humans who've ever walked the planet. In pointing this out, I don't mean to discount the suffering of those who've lost their jobs and homes. But I think it's helpful to keep our collective deprivations in perspective. Similarly, I like to remember that no matter how much our personal trials may test us, they are more bearable than, say, the tribulations of the generation that lived through the Great Depression and World War II. Keep this in mind, Sagittarius. As you wander in the limbo between the end of one chapter of your life story and the beginning of the next chapter, it'll really help to stay conscious of how blessed you are. Halloween costume suggestion: a saint tending to the needs of the dispossessed and underprivileged.

Free Will Astrology
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Still here. Have been shifting my sleep/wake schedule a bit earlier, partly for work reasons and partly to be in the same time zone with [ profile] jw1776 and [ profile] skydancer.

What's your body clock? quiz - I scored a 14, right on the cusp of moderate & definite night owl. I think the main reason I scored that high was that I've been working to get to bed early enough that I can wake up without the alarm most mornings.

A ban on some prerecorded automated calls sounds nice, but the ones that are exempt from the ban are the ones we tend to get. And no, I don't mean we get lots of reverse 911 notifications or calls from the airline saying our flight is delayed (I tend to sign up for text notifications about flight changes). These days the automated calls we get are political, and of course the politicians can't be bothered to ban those.

Sci-fi and fantasy origami. o_O

[ profile] stealthcello & [ profile] s00j walked into Soulfood and Clint asked them to play tonight. They called [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris and thus from 8pm-10pm they will be Kitten Sundae at Soulfood in Redmond. I'll be there if the incense doesn't drive me off.


Jul. 8th, 2009 12:43 pm
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Either the world is getting weirder or we're hearing more about the weirdness.

Summary of a police report about a man threatening a woman and her six-month-old baby because she was wearing a head scarf. The man attempted to unsheath an 8-10 inch knife but was foiled by by an employee at the Seattle Indian Health Board office, where the assault took place. The man ran, but had given identifying information to the office staff. )

The next day, officers spotted Garner on Capitol Hill and arrested him. Police found a knife in Garner's waistband and, records say, Garner told officers "he was a white supremacist and was just doing his part" and that he had purchased an AK-47 assault rifle after 9/11. — Slog.

[sarcasm] Right. Because attacking a baby with a knife is sooo difficult and manly.[/sarcasm]

Also: Times Police Blotter


Jun. 25th, 2009 06:46 pm
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These came up on a daily feed. Only now they seem more relevant...

The more things change, the more they remain... insane.
Michael Fry and T. Lewis

Michael Jackson? Dead? How the huh the wha?

I was never a big Michael Jackson fan, never went to a concert. My parents raised me on Hee-Haw and Lawrence Welk; the one concert we went to as a family was Johnny Cash with The Statler Brothers as his opening act. But I was a child when the Jackson 5 was on Saturday morning TV and in high school when Thriller was released, and that music is part of my soundtrack.

Most men are within a finger's breadth of being mad.
Diogenes the Cynic

Did I think MJ got a bit mad at times? Yes. So've I. So do most people. Most errors in judgement aren't compounded by a staff of yes-men and lawyers salivating at the thought of suing you, though.

(Icon created by me, but "no one's sane behind their mask" is a quote from The Girl That's Never Been.)
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Disintegrating, they fit in surprisingly well, returning to the earth as naturally as a cornfield after harvest. “Autopsy for an Empire,” with its dried-blood-colored jacket, is planted beside the hellebore, which the Greeks used to poison the water of their enemies. P. D. James’s “Original Sin” and Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” sit on a bookshelf, which is also disintegrating.

“These were moldy or torn,” Ms. Stewart says. “I’m not destroying books that had any sort of life in them. I just wanted the sense that the book I’m writing is coming out of the ground. If you put a book in the ground, will you get 10 little baby books out of the ground?” — NY Times

I confess I do like garden decorations, but I tend to go for things that aren't going to disintegrate right away....
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The new female condom can be inserted "up to 8 hours ahead of time". Um...why do I think this would not be a good idea???? I mean, walking? Going to the bathroom?

And: nifty tiny houses :)
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Up here in Redmond the sun is rising before six, and it's not setting until 8:30, which is nicer than the 4:30 in winter and hey! So far it hasn't screwed up my sleep patterns yet! And it does still get dark!

I liked this writeup of Klingon.

[Creator and linguist Marc Okrand] cribbed from natural languages, borrowing sounds and sentence-building rules, switching sources whenever Klingon started operating too much like any one language in particular. He ended up with something that sounds like an ungodly combination of Hindi, Arabic, Tlingit, and Yiddish and works like a mix of Japanese, Turkish, and Mohawk. The linguistic features of Klingon are not especially unusual (at least to a linguist) when considered independently, but put together, they make for one hell of an alien language.

...and this tackles the question of whether the modern 1st-world food supply is more or less safe than it used to be. One example is the recent peanut butter recall; modern tracking meant we could identify loads of foods that used the factory's output, but modern distribution meant there were thousands of products using peanut butter and paste from the one factory. Bagged lettuce means a bad head can be scattered among many bags and affect more people. Then there's Ms. Tardiff, a California nurse, who bought organic and less processed foods whenever possible, including raw milk which caused in an intestinal illness and nerve disease. She woman still can't stand or use her hands. Her illness was caused by campylobacter, which is killed by pasteurization.


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