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Usually when the number of performers is changing up to the day before? It's a bad sign.

Usually when I ask how many vocal mics we'll need and don't get an answer, because it's not a simple question, and there's lots of debate over who is and isn't singing and who will want to speak from the stage and who can share mics? It's a bad sign.

Usually when line checks continue to door opening? It's a bad sign.

Oh, and in "never happened before and hope it never happens again", when we go to pick up [ profile] skydancer's sound equipment from his storage unit and the storage facility is without power? Should I mention his unit is on the 3rd floor? And no power means no elevator? I'm not sure how to interpret that except as a bad sign.

Photo by Sherry Kirk

And yet it was all perfect.

Congratulations to Betsy on a successful album launch!


Feb. 15th, 2013 11:53 am
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I am a panelist this year. Also, once again [ profile] solarbird the music supervillain will have her own tech crew for the music track helmed by [ profile] skydancer and [ profile] tanuki_green and occasionally me. So, fun!

But, of course, Norwescon is big! Where will I be? Subject to change, of course, but here's the basic list:

Invisible Disabilities Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 8
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5:30pm: Move sound gear from my room in the tower to Evergreen rooms. If you want to help, let me know ahead of time and I will text you the room number when I know it.

Thursday night concerts!
But I won't be there the whole time due to my 9pm panel! [ profile] tanuki_green will be there!
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Size Acceptance Is For Everybody Thursday 9:00pm-10:00pm Cascade 8
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Polyamory 101 Friday Noon-1:00pm Evergreen 1&2
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Music tech crew Concerts Friday 2pm-midnight
I am blocking off 2pm-midnight due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 3pm in Grand 3 and move to Evergreen rooms for the evening.
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The Continuing Impact of Robert Heinlein Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm Cascade 8
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Music tech crew Concerts Saturday 5pm-1am
I am blocking off 5pm-1am due to setup/teardown etc. Concerts start at 7pm.
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Intro to Health At Every Size Sunday 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 2
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Women's Work Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm Cascade 3&4
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...and sometime Sunday sound gear will get moved from the Evergreen level to [ profile] skydancer's van. Again, let me know if you want to help. Have I mentioned I'm taking Monday off work? I'm taking Monday off work. :D


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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1) I have been busy, mostly with work but also with life. It happens.

2) Despite busyness, this past weekend I saw Tricky Pixie twice. Also Vixy & Tony and Clint McCune's band.

3) Yes, this was a Very Good Thing. Loved all of it. Except maybe where Clint teased me with a portion of a Bruce song during sound check and then didn't sing it during the concert.

4) You can see last night's show at, along with the Kitten Sundae ([ profile] s00j , [ profile] stealthcello , [ profile] vixyish & [ profile] tfabris ) show on 3/21, and the Bone Poets show on 2/12.

5) I am not feeling guilty for not doing work stuff on Saturday.

6) I enjoyed helping [ profile] dianthus drink the bottle of viognier she got on Saturday.

7) I liked the Mandolin Cafe, even if it got a bit recursive to have Alec playing a mandolin in the mandolin cafe.

8) I enjoyed the look on Alec's face when I surprised him with a bow on Sunday.

9) I did not enjoy getting an asthma attack yesterday while helping [ profile] skydancer setup sound gear. Haven't had to use my albuterol in months, damn it. (Wah!)

10) ...I would say that means it's really spring, except that it could also have been from going from wet outdoors to warmer-drier indoors and back and in and back and in and back and in.

11) Not sure my white rosebush is still alive, but the red one is covered in new growth. This is the exact opposite of last year.

12) Two days. Two days and I will be prepping for Norwescon instead of at work. I am pleased.

13) Sunday's "Zits" reminds me of my Friday evening. (My reaction was rather like Connie, not her son's.) Image and transcript gets kinda long, so )
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If you went to the brunch at Conflikt, you got a brunch CD. My attempt at full performance & songwriting credits is here. Please comment over there with any corrections or additions ;)
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Got up about 7:30am after getting to sleep around 1:30am.

(Yes the Tricky Pixie show was great.)

Well, the March of Cambreadth just came on iTunes. You know the Midsummer recording? With bagpipes?

I never realized just how soporific that song could be.....


Jun. 24th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Thank you for buying 30-40lb speakers. Seriously.
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Where: Wayward Coffeehouse.

What: Vixy & Tony (& Sunnie & Betsy) just finished, Marian Call (& Tony & Sunnie & drummer whose name I didn't catch) just started.

Feeling: Good, but very aware of very crowded crowd. I haven't seen this many people standing during a show here before.

Done: Read Twitter & checked iGoogle.

Amused by: "For most men life is a search for the proper manila envelope in which to get themselves filed." - Clifton Fadiman

Before that: An hour's worth of work administrivia.

Before that: Getting mochas & waters.

Before that: Helping [ profile] skydancer & [ profile] saladofdoom setup sound equipment.

Before that: Laundry, vacuuming, repacking backpack for tonight.

Before that: Kissing [ profile] jw1776 goodbye as he headed off to the Sounders game.

Before that: Several hours of Sims 2 ;)

Before that: Sounders FC game-day brekkie with [ profile] jw1776: Full English at Neville's, which was playing a CD of Beatles tunes played on a harp as background. (It's not Beatles muzak, it's harp Beatles muzak! ;)

ETA: As I posted this a gent got up to play harmonica on the Saffron song "It Was Good for You Too".
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Should be taking back library books, replacing a worn tire and visiting the county records office (need a "realer" copy of my birth certificate to apply for a passport so I can continue to visit BC occasionally) but I stopped to check work email, and once the computer is on...

Overall the con was amazing. 11 concerts! I think it shows how new to filk I am that I'd heard Kathy Mar sing only once before. :) [ profile] mdlbear returned this year with another concert (accompanied by last year's toastmistress [ profile] cflute) and accompanying [ profile] pocketnaomi in her first concert, also accompanied by [ profile] cflute. [ profile] seanan_mcguire also returned, this time as GOH. New-to-me (like that matters :) was [ profile] markbernstein, [ profile] mrgoodwraith, Puzzlebox (I'd heard most of the members but not the group) and Interfilk guest Lawrence Dean. Yay [ profile] runnerwolf for putting together a terrific group of performers. Plus the 2-fers and one-shots also attracted really talented folks like Merav & Batya of Lady Mondegreen and Creede and so on, not to mention the band scramble and a hilarious songwriting contest.

(Hey, the ETA if I order the birth cert online is only 2-3 days? Should've done that. Done that. Also ordered Mom's death cert so I can see which birthday it has. Whee, can write more....)

The variety was also great. We had filkers pulling from many musical styles, including jazz, country, blues, celtic, folk, and rock. The Saturday night concert block really emphasized the variety:
  1. Marian Call doing her folk and jazz and Firefly songs with [ profile] tfabris providing guitar, Amy's fiddle, and Marian's wide variety of percussion (including a manual typewriter).
  2. Frank Hayes, our toastmaster, pulled up a stool, his guitar, and some lyric sheets, played one or two intro songs, and asked, "So what do you all want to hear?" Most of the hour was requests.
  3. [ profile] seanan_mcguire had what she termed a "build-a-band" with folks pulled from the Seattle area, the Bay area, and Wisconsin - but they played rock more tightly and together than some bands who play together every week, and yes, they were fantastic. I'm afraid to ask how many hours of rehearsal went into that set.
I heard good comments about the other programming, especially Seanan's improv workshop, Tony's deconstructing songs workshop, and C. D.'s "the weird chords" workshop.

On the tech front, wow this is getting long )

On the open filking front, I actually did make it to the closing filk ("smoked salmon") this year, and I even took my instrument - mostly because I've been playing along with CDs at home, and always miss it when I don't have it. Of course with playing along to a CD I can take time to experiment and go through lots of icky noises while finding nice noises. At the filk I mostly did very quiet plinking to see how my guesses at accompaniment would work without actually inflicting it on others :) But hey, at least I didn't have a panic attack just walking into the room with it, like I did at Rusty. And I was able to lend my tuner to Amy McNally Saturday night... maybe I should start packing it in the tech bag for music events, not just the fiddle case.

I even sang a song. Eep. *retrospective panic*
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From con to mundane )

Yes, I went to my first filk con this weekend, largely to be support person for [ profile] skydancer. Determined I need to learn more sound tech to be really helpful - I was fine for general setup and teardown, but didn't know, say, which mikes are better for which voice or instrument or how to position them, or how to run the board. Which meant Friday was a very long day for [ profile] skydancer as editing and mixing for brunch bonus CD followed dinner followed concerts followed recording for brunch bonus CD. I was able to convince him to let me take over duplicating the CDs on Saturday during & right after brunch. He'd found a nifty solution for labels - CD blanks that are coated with an ink-absorbing substance so that we could print the labels right onto the CDs. The printing was pretty fast too - 80-some CDs in less than 3 hours of 1 printer printing, two laptops burning, and me shoveling CDs into cases.

I also danced, laughed, sang along, crocheted, and managed to bring home 10 CDs, despite somehow not grabbing a brunch CD ... shaddup ....


Monday I didn't do much; I avoided snow silliness & caught up on laundry by working from home. Yay VPN. Also have been reading con reports in [ profile] conflikt.


[ profile] jw1776 is not feeling well and will likely be working OT later this week...poor darlin'.


Unlike her namesake, Rosie the roomba can slip right under the bed. Not just any bed, mind you, but the very heavy king-size cabinet-headboard bed of God custom-designed by [ profile] sar_anon. Previously I had to move the mattress and box springs to vacuum under the thing. Hail Rosie, long may she putter along picking up particles.

I also figured out how to clean Rosie's innards, which is useful.


I am waaay behind in the LordPeter mailing list discussion of Gaudy Night. Pooh.


Several people I met at Conflikt added me recently. Hope you enjoy what I post - if not, no worries :)


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