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KOMO is suggesting tomorrow's storm will be like the storm on Dec 14, 2006. I remember that - nearly got marooned in my office, power out for days, etc.

Stay safe, folks.
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Hello, 16 hours of sunlight. Happy solstice to those who celebrate.

Click for Redmond, Washington Forecast


Jul. 8th, 2010 09:20 pm
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  • 10:21 It was hotter at 9am today than the high a week ago. #SeattleWeatherIsWeird
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There's a lot of talk on my flist about high temps. Seattle's even warming up, though why we had to go from 60s to 90s in one week is a little confusing. A Floridian offers some tips on coping with heat.

No, really? "Boy Injured by Firecracker Urges Caution" was the print headline, but they updated it a bit online.

Prince says the Internet "is completely over." Wonder why I'm not convinced.
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... is not where you expect to wake up to a light dusting of snow, with a forecast of "possibly more snow" in the evening.

What do you wear for possible snow / possible spring weather? Layers! In my case, black lycra/spandex leggings under black cotton slacks; purple 3/4-sleeve jewel-neck top; big acrylic long-sleeve v-neck sweater; green and blue plaid polar fleece coat. At the moment the coat is in the car, the sweater is on my desk, and I am comfortably sipping "Lemon Lift" tea.

Feb 6th

Feb. 6th, 2010 05:25 pm
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Crocuses are blooming.
Heather is blooming.
Neighbor's azalea (gets much more southern sun than ours) is starting to bloom.
New growth on the roses.

...this is a bit early for Seattle, but only a bit.
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We have a rubbermaid green bucket that's been sitting outside for months. It's acted partly as a bit of a rain gauge and partly as a very small "collect rainwater to water plants with" water barrel.

But mostly I've been too lazy to put it away, and it's not hurting anything, so why bother?

Last week it turned cold. The average December temps here range from 36F to 46F; this week it's been in the teens and twenties. Saturday Jesse noticed the bucket had frozen over. He broke the ice, dumped out the water and ice on the yard, and put the bucket away in the garage. The ice was roughly 2 half-circles, a bit less than an inch thick.

They're still in my yard. I don't think they've melted at all. This ain't right.
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Weather forecast showing rain Saturday, thunderstorms Sunday, and rain Monday

Everyone who's visiting for PAX is probably glad it's inside. ;)
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The all-time high temperature of 100 degrees in Seattle was set July 20, 1994. I don't remember the summer of 1994 being all that hot. Mostly I remember being in my air-conditioned office at Microsoft for 9 or 12 hours a day & that my then-basement apartment tended to stay pretty cool.

Now, well, no basement apartment. No ground-floor bedroom. And Seattle officially recorded a high of 103 yesterday.

As the local paper notes,

With prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the body becomes more efficient at it. But when folks accustomed to Western Washington's mild weather are suddenly thrust into the oven, their bodies sputter like poorly tuned engines.

"It can really knock you silly," said University of Washington biologist Ray Huey, who has studied lizards and other denizens of the Kalahari Desert.

I do realize that sitting in my AC office all day means I'm not acclimating. I'm having a hard time caring, though.

In other news, the University Bridge, a fairly low drawbridge over one of the canals that lets boats go between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, was expanding so much in the heat that they decided not to open it yesterday.
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  • 15:33 Snow this morning. Rain shower about 2. Hailing now. Variety FTW.

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Oh, fun....

Jan. 8th, 2009 04:20 pm
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If you are not familiar with Washington State geography, here's a quick synopsis: Read more... )

Short form? Ground transportation to / from Seattle royally sucks right now.

Why am I explaining all this? Well, The Stranger, one of Seattle's weeklies, is printed in Yakima ... which is on the other side of the Cascade mountains. From their blog:

Since it's printed in Yakima, a semi truck filled with tens of thousands of copies of The Stranger is sitting on the other side of the 10-feet-deep body of water that used to be known as I-5. We tried Snoqualmie Pass first (closed due to avalanche conditions). We tried White Pass (closed to mudslide). We tried air freight. We tried water. We tried throwing the phone at the wall and screaming at everyone the publisher could find at four in the morning.

But all is not lost: Today we reprinted the issue at the Seattle Times printing facility in Kent (no joke) and it will be on streets this afternoon.

Enjoy this week's paper. It was very expensive.
I'm not saying it's a collector's edition, but daymn.

In related news, I'm glad [ profile] jw1776 got milk this morning.

ETA: Stevens Pass is open now. Not that there's any guarantee it'll stay open...


Dec. 27th, 2008 11:28 pm
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  • 21:54 They PLOWED our street! [ profile] skydancer broke down the berm between our driveway and the street so we could drive to see friends today.
  • 21:55 Everything was fine until we got to the friends' unplowed street. Batterymobile was skimming the snowpack as we slid through the slush.
  • 22:16 See also

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Dec. 26th, 2008 11:35 pm
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  • 14:21 Snowing. Again. Off to costco, post office, groceries, bartell's. But first: Skydancer's driveway. Eep.
  • 14:24 Jesse adds: Skydancer's driveway of Dooooom.
  • 18:42 I listen to "You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch" much more frequently than the rest of the Grinch Soundtrack. This shows taste, right?
  • 22:30 Went to Costco on Dec 26th so I could walk around instead of inching on snow. Frightening.

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Dec. 24th, 2008 11:37 pm
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  • 09:04 It's snowing again in Redmond. Looks like there's at least another inch or two on the cars.
  • 09:44 I think I'm ... bored. With snow. This is odd.
  • 12:13 From the Boston Globe: How to Make an Igloo.
  • 17:44 Would it be mean to place an Amazon Fresh order?

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Replies to the Amazon Fresh question were "Yes, very" and that [ profile] tithonium tried for a delivery last Sunday and it was canceled due to snow.
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The truck in this photo? Was gone today. Don't know if it got towed out or fell into the ravine.

Saw several folks waiting for the 221 on 166th Ave. Pity that 166th isn't part of the 221 snow route.

Otherwise it's a lazy Saturday.


Dec. 20th, 2008 09:41 am
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The NY Times blog "Bitten" is syndicated at [ profile] bittenblog_nyt.

Slate's Explainer tackles Iraqis & shoes.

More locally, The Stranger's Erica Barnett provides this illuminating interview with Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond on what the hell's been up with Metro the last 2 days. In a nutshell: Thursday their snow plan, which is about a 20% reduction in service, basically failed. So Friday they decided to "pull in and focus our service in places where we have confidence the buses can run" - mostly not in places like West Seattle and Redmond, mostly not with articulated buses, and realizing that the trolley buses (that use electrical wires above the street) can't usually change their routes to avoid a problematic hill. It ended up being about 50% of normal service. Communicating this is a problem, too.

Desmond did say they plan to run mostly normal schedules on Saturday & Sunday, assuming no more snow. Um....

As for us, well, 'nother storm is expected, a windstorm this time, which frequently means falling trees, downed power lines, and so on. Does look like a fairly normal windstorm for us - lights will probably flicker, may even go out, but hopefully not for a week this time please?

We have done prep: We have food that doesn't need much prep. Since our old downstairs flashlight died we got a new one last night. Also batteries. We also have loads of candles, including candles in glass jars (thanks [ profile] k_crow for that tip.) I ran the roomba downstairs last night; dishwasher running now, and I'm off to vacuum upstairs & do a last load of laundry.
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[ profile] jw1776 spotted this on the way home from our little jaunt. A truck appeared to have started falling into the ravine behind the apartment complex on the corner of 166th & 95th. (Yes that ravine is also behind [ profile] dianthus' "Hobbit Hole" apartment.) It appeared empty and stable, but, um, kinda wonder if maybe they'll be installing a railing back there?

(You can click on any photo to get to Flickr with more photos & such...)

More back here )
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It's under 29F at my house. In daytime. Yes, this is abnormally low here.

The seasonal state highways (Chinook Pass, Cayuse Pass, North Cascades Highway) are "closed until spring", though whether "spring" means March or June is always in question.

Alec's Portland show tonight is canceled due to a) Pub closing early due to snow and b) Bard stuck on the wrong side of the Siskiyous. Info here.

Appropo of nothing, here's a BBC correspondent on the hypochondriac French :)


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