May. 13th, 2007

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I think I remember being almost this scared in high school. We've seen before how Branch is not the most socialized creature on the planet, but hey, if Karla could stop being weird, there's hope for Branch too, right?

Gagh. Generally I identify with Karla now, but there are days....

On a related note, Home On The Strange is not only a fun webcomic filled with the stuff of my everyday nerdgirl life but the script for each strip is included at the bottom of each page. So I can enjoy seeing how Roni translates the scripts into visuals, and also note the few times that the dialog changes between the script and the finished strip. And in the meantime, the image-impaired can still read the strip if they want. :)
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I have come to the conclusion that one of the things that separates the grown-ups from the kids is that grown-ups can realize, "Hey, I'm overreacting to this, I need to step away and calm down."

A variation of this is being able to step away from the lurking anxieties that are so good at fueling insomnia. Whether it's distracting yourself with solitaire, or training your mind to focus on something else, or talking it over with a friend or partner, relaxing the body with stretching, or a sleeping pill, or a warm bath and a good book.... how you move on from the anxiety depends on the individual. The key thing is to realize "Hm, worrying about this isn't getting me anywhere," and move on.

And I am heading off to bed, m'self.


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