Jul. 6th, 2007

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Joining exercise as a alternative depression treatment: having a friend to talk to. Also being studied: meditation.

On a lighter note:

British construction company specializes in treehouses. For instance: Ewok-style.

The cell number you don't want to get. :)

Scary recipe: "Semi-Homemade" PB&J Dino Bites. First, talk about gratuitous product placement. Second, chocolate chip eyes are not going to be visible after you've painted the cookies with melted chocolate chips. Third, the chocolate is going to melt right off the cookies onto the hands of everyone eating them, which is probably going to be kids, which is going to be messy, especially once the sugar hits their bloodstream. Fourth, "semi-homemade"?
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Had Wednesday off. Took yesterday off too. It felt like Monday when I got in; back in the workplace, trying to remember where I left off on Tuesday.

And my daily calendar is in Friday. Right, it's Friday.

Catch up on email - nothing like being out. Feels like Monday.

But people are talking about their evening and weekend plans. Right, it's Friday....
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... according to PC Magazine. Of these, I worked on:

Windows Update. #6 on the list. My involvement is more periphery: the IE 5 setup program was used as the initial "guts" of Windows Update; I was IE 5 setup test manager. (Which made integrating IE 5 into a Windows Update deliverable a bit weird at times. But easier than integrating IE 5 setup into Office 2000 and Windows 2000 ... )

Explorer. #11 on the list; I'd put it lower, but that's me. My involvement: IE 4 shell test lead, which included the HTML-ized version.

Active Desktop. #14 on the list; I'd put it higher. My involvement: IE 4 shell test lead, which included Active Desktop. (And what is Vista's Gadgets, if not AD under a new name?)

DriveSpace. #20 on the list; I'd put it lower. My involvement: Helped test DoubleSpace/DriveSpace in MS-DOS 6, 6.2, 6.21, 6.22, Windows 95, and Windows 95 Plus!, where "help" means "I don't own the area, but I keep getting dragged into it anyway."


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