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Peggy Senger Parsons, that is, over at A Silly Poor Gospel.
It seems that our culture is taking a real turn towards being a culture of fear. If you listen to any media outlet you can quickly make a list of things that you are supposed to be afraid of, from dangerous bacteria that infest every corner of your house, to the threat a various forms of global annihilation. [...]

Not that I am against practical safety. Airbags, Yeah! By all means change those batteries in your smoke detector, and please, do wash your hands when you leave the restroom. But the constant diet of fear and the persistent selling of products and behaviors to assuage the fears seems to have gotten all out of proportion.

[...] You know that something has become an idol when its very name becomes a magic incantation that stops questions and debates and induces unnatural obedience. [...] Now, in the United States, all you have to do is say, “This is for you safety, sir.” and people nod their heads, take off their shoes and stand in line. They throw their personal possessions into sacrificial barrels, and avert their eyes as the Middle Eastern fellow behind them gets pulled out for “extra screening.”

[...] Because faith in Safety focuses more on feeling safe than actually being safe, [a]s long as one person in the room still feels unsafe, we will all change our behavior until that person feels better. But having lowered the threshold, it will be only a matter of time before the unease grows in someone – who will raise again the cry “Unsafe!”
There's a lot more, including how she flew into a war zone in a full plane with various families and found that sometimes the fearmongers are wrong.


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